Ashta Lakshmi: The 8 Types of Wealth That Every Human Needs
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  • March 4, 2022

Ashta Lakshmi: The 8 Types of Wealth That Every Human Needs

As Goddess Durga is known to have nine forms, likewise her daughter Mother Goddess Lakshmi has eight different forms. These eight forms of Goddess Lakshmi depict eight different manifestations of wealth in a human’s life. They have massive relevance as every individual needs to have these eight forms of wealth to live a happier and more fulfilling life. All these different forms of Mother Lakshmi together are called Ashta Lakshmi.

Adi Lakshmi

In Sanskrit, Adi means ‘the first’; thus, she is the first form of Lakshmi. Adi Lakshmi is also known as Goddess Maha-Lakshmi, and she appeared from the great churning of the sea. 

Adi Lakshmi bestows liberation, and according to Hinduism, liberation is the ultimate aim of every soul. When a spirit achieves liberation, it becomes free from the cycle of birth, death, and reincarnation.

Dhana Lakshmi

Dhana Lakshmi is the goddess of material wealth. This material wealth includes money, gold, property, or any other sort of monetary value that is tangible, for all these devotees conduct Lakshmi Kuber puja. Dhana Lakshmi also uplifts intangible values on her devotees like inner strength, willpower, talent, and virtues. She provides abundance in wealth and prosperity.

Dhanya Lakshmi

Dhanya Lakshmi is the goddess of food and agricultural wealth. No living being can survive without food, and Dhanya Lakshmi looks forward to the nourishment and health of her devotees. She is also pleased with feeling gratitude for what you have; thus, one should offer gratitude before every meal. Whenever you conduct puja for good health, please offer food to those in need. Be selfless while feeding any other living being.

Gaja Lakshmi

Gaja Lakshmi is the goddess of power and strength. According to a mythological story, Goddess Gaja Lakshmi helped Indra regain his wealth back from the ocean’s depth. Gaja is the Sanskrit term for Elephants. She also provides animals as wealth, like cows, buffaloes, goats, etc. Many people, like farmers, run their daily livelihoods with the help of these animals; we should take good care of them and protect them at any cost. 

Ashta Lakshmi

Santana Lakshmi

Santana Lakshmi is the goddess of off-springs and progeny. She protects the health and wealth of your children, who are the real treasure of family life.

Veera Lakshmi

As her name suggests, Veera Lakshmi is the goddess of courage and strength to her devotees. She helps us overcome the difficulties of life and provides us with the valor to deal with adverse situations where the odds are against us.

Vidya Lakshmi

Vidya Lakshmi is the goddess who bestows wisdom and knowledge. She helps unlock our hidden potential to succeed in worldly and spiritual life. She also provides with a strong will and eradicates self-doubt and insecurity from our chattering minds.

Vijaya Lakshmi

Vijaya Lakshmi is the goddess who brings victory in every aspect of our life. She gives hope and inspiration to help us carry on with our deeds. She helps us win in every situation, from small struggles to big battles.

If you reflect on your life, you will be grateful for these eight forms of wealth that you and your family possess. They have enormous relevance in our lives. We are blessed to be protected by these different forms of Mother Goddess Lakshmi. If you are looking for online puja booking services, feel free to reach out to us. Puja done in-home can increase the positive vibes of your home tenfold.

Ashta Lakshmi mata

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