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How We Conduct Online Puja

Performing an online puja is the ritual that is performed with utmost devotion at onlinetemple.com. What happens after you book an online puja with us? Simple steps that are explained below should be able to give you a clear picture. In case, you still want to know more about how we do your puja, please contact us at support@onlinetemple.com We will respond to your mail as soon as we can. For us, your healing & satisfaction is most important.

Booking of online puja

Choose An Online Puja Or Book A Consultation

Select an online puja based on your requirement. Or you can book an online consultation with our priest to know about the best puja for you.

book online puja

Book Your Online Puja

Once you choose the puja/consultation to be performed. Select the preferred package for your online puja

online puja payment

Pay For Your Online Puja

After choosing the desired package, pay online for the puja booking

connecting for online puja

Connect With Our Guruji

Our highly professional team will connect you with our priest (Guruji). We will ask you for preferred day ,date & time for your online puja. We will check cosmically also about your date and time so as that you can achieve best results. Considering all the information provided by you we will send you date/time options which are best Muhurat. ( Muhurat is the most auspicious time to perform puja or any ritual).

receiving of puja instructions

Receive Puja Instructions

After choosing the best muhurat for your online puja, we will send you a set of Do's & Dont's like ( Clean Eating, No Alcohol, No meat for 24 Hours) or any material to keep with you while performing online puja. These instructions are sent so that you could get maximum benefit from the puja ritual performed. Online puja is all about positive vibrations, and we want you to achieve most miraculous results after the rituals.

Experience The Divine Power Of Prayers

Preparation For An Online Puja

Main purpose of any puja is to purify, heal and to realise a higher superior version of yourself, one must prepare for this pious ritual in ways to purify mind, body, soul and space. Our priests will prepare for the worshipers instructions to prepare for online puja as required in the ritual like fast (refrain from eating) for a day to detoxify the system. Always keep puja space clean & clutter free. Would be beneficial to wake up early in the brahma muhurat ( early morning) on the day of your online puja and start your day with a (Surya Arghya) praying to the Sun. One must take shower on the day of puja, wearing fresh clean clothes to feel the divinity.