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Pujas are a form of invoking divine blessings by deities, or offering one’s thanks to the Gods and Goddesses for all the good luck bestowed in their lives. Pujas are generally conducted on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and auspicious occasions to celebrate and sanctify such days with happiness, peace and prosperity.

Remedy pujas are performed by devotees for specific purposes that need godly intervention for the obstacles to be solved. These obstacles may range from clearing loans and debts, marital problems, winning legal cases and matters, remedying health problems and conception issues, and black magic relief amongst others.

These are conducted on dates auspicious to the devotee based on their birth chart and horoscope, and get rid of all unfavorable planetary influences, evil eye and Dosh.

Online Temple is a one-of-its-kind platform in India that offers online pujas, remedy pujas, Havan/ Homa, temple & festival specific puja, Tirth Darshan and spiritual Yatra puja etc. on a single online platform.

We take care of online ecommerce facilitation and integrity, with a wide network of temples, Pandits/ Purohits, and variety of religious ceremonies to build people’s faith in the divine.

We impart our knowledge onto devotees who truly believe in the Hindu religion by not only helping them learn, but also guiding them to find their place in life.

Our motto is to provide a high class, secure and comprehensive portal to fulfill the religious aspirations of all worshippers. They can reap benefits from all types of pujas for every occasion, and get in touch with the divine online.

All our pujas are listed on Home, Pujas and Special Pujas. To know what suits you best, please book an online consultation with our priest using the contact form on the Home page. You can also get your doubts cleared by mailing us at support@onlinetemple.com or calling us @+91 8790087900.

When you visit our website, we recommend signing up or logging in to your account as a member. Browse through the pages Pujas and Special Pujas to search what you’re looking for, or book a one-on-one online consultation with our priest to know what puja is better suited for your specific needs.

After selecting your preferred puja and package, you need to fill out basic details. Once the puja is added to your cart, fill out your billing details and pay for it online through Credit/ Debit card, Net Banking, Wallet Pay or UPI.

Read our website’s T&C and Cancellations & Refund Policy, and mark your agreement before placing your order. For more details, please read How We Work.

After you’ve placed a puja order with us, we will take your preferred date into account as we check about the most auspicious date and time (Muhurat), based on your birth chart, to ensure you get the optimum benefits from the puja.

After a consultation with you about the Muhurat, we will mail you the fixed date and timings for the puja, along with a set of Do’s & Don’ts (such as Clean Eating, No Alcohol, No meat for 24 Hours, etc.) and the materials to keep with you during the online puja.

On the successful completion of the puja, you’ll receive an update from us. We recommend that, upon receiving the update, you worship and offer your prayers to your home deity/ Kul deity/ Isht deity plus the deity of the Puja.

For gaining the most favorable results, we’ll also provide you with details such as timing of your worship, what direction to face during worship, and a Mool Mantra which is to be chanted when you worship. We guarantee that your worship can be done from anywhere, no matter where you are in the world.

Our network of chosen temples only includes those which are at least 1000 years old and renowned for their remedial and divine powers.

We NEVER facilitate pujas at newly- built and/ or roadside temples.

We believe that to gain a healing aura, a temple needs time to absorb the pujas/ Archana/ Abhishek/ rituals of the devotees. Only then can it become an actual means of divine energy and power to make the pujas come to fruition.

Yes. However, this is subject to our availability and workability to undertake the puja on the rescheduled date and time.

This also has to be intimated to us 72 hours prior to the ceremony, to enable us to make the necessary changes smoothly and efficiently.

For any queries, please call us @ +91-8790087900 to resolve it at the earliest.

Yes. After the booking, all pujas can be cancelled 48 hours or 2 days prior to the date of the online puja ceremony.

No refunds are made for pujas’ cancellations within 2 days of notice. You can review our Cancellations & Refund Policy for more information.

Please note that all of our pujas are performed individually, i.e. the pujas are conducted specifically for one single individual who has booked the puja.

The puja can however, be performed to include their loved ones, only after we receive their particular instruction to include others’ names in the puja(s).

We offer a live video stream of puja/ Havan based on the package you’ve chosen. After you’ve made a booking for your choice of puja, you can tune in to Google Meet or Zoom links (provided in our email to you) on the day and time of the scheduled ceremony and see it happening live in front of your eyes.

Should such a situation occur, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us via email, telephone or use the contact form. We’ll get it resolved at the earliest.