Book Online Puja on the Auspicious Occasion of Buddha Purnima
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  • May 4, 2023

Book Online Puja on the Auspicious Occasion of Buddha Purnima

Buddha Purnima also known as Buddha Jayanti and Vesak commemorate the birth of Prince Siddharta Gautama, later known as the Buddha and the founder of Buddhism. This annual festival is the most prominent festival of the year for followers of Buddhism all across the globe.This propitious day marks the birth, enlightenment, and death of Gautama Buddha and Buddhism followers celebrate it with a lot of enthusiasm. Devout Buddhists from all around the world visit Buddha temples on the auspicious day of Buddha Purnima to listen to monks’ teachings and declaim ancient verses. If you are also a Buddhism follower and looking for affordable puja services online on this prestige occasion then, book online puja services by Online Temple.

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Date and Timing of Buddha Purnima 2023

Date and Timing of Buddha Purnima 2023

The date of Buddha Purnima generally varies from year to year and is typically celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month Vesakh. Overall, the date of this auspicious festival falls in the month of April or May and this year also Buddha Purnima is all set to be celebrated on 05 May 2023. However, if it would be a leap year, then the festival is more likely to fall in the month of June. Also, this year Buddha Purnima will coexist with the very first lunar eclipse of the year which also happens to take place on 05 May 2023. Let go of all of your inhibitions and intoxication on this Buddha Purnima by booking online puja services by highly experienced purohits of Online Temples.

Timing of  Buddha Purnima according to Drik Panchang,

Buddha Purnima Tithi Begins at 04:14 AM on 05 May 2023

Buddha Purnima Tithi Enda at 03:30 AM on 06 May 2023

History and Significance of Budha Purnima

History and Significance of Budha Purnima

Celebrated as one of the most important festivals throughout the country, Buddha Purnima honors the life of Gautama Buddha, recalls his teachings, fosters intercultural harmony, and emphasizes the application of his ideas to contemporary life. People from all around the world, mark the celebration of this festival by promoting cultural unity and underlining the prevalence of Budha’s teaching. Buddha Purnima is also recognized as a ‘thrice-blessed festival’ because it celebrates the three most important milestones of Buddha’s life—birth, enlightenment, and nirvana.

Even though the date and time of Lord Gautama Buddha’s birth and death are ambivalent, there are still beliefs that he lived between the 6th to 4th centuries BC. As per Theravada Tripitaka scriptures, Lord Budha was born as Prince Siddhartha in Lumbini. In North India, people contemplate Gautama Buddha as the 9th incarnation of Lord Krishna. However, South Indian beliefs do not consider Lord Buddha as an avatar of Lord Vishnu. They consider Buddha’s death to have occurred at the age of 80 in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh.

Buddhism religion gained popularity as it teaches the followers to follow the path of non-violence, equality for women, and teach respect for life. In today’s age and time, many countries especially in Asia are primarily becoming a part of Buddhism religion as the lessons and concepts taught by it resonate with the ideas of both traditional and modern-day communities.

Puja Rituals for Buddha Purnima 2023


On the auspicious day of Buddha Purnima start your day by thoroughly cleaning up your home after waking up. After taking a bath, sprinkle the holy Gangajal (Ganges Water) in your home. Start decorating your home with beautiful flowers and light some candles. Mix Haldi & Roli together or take Kumkum and make a swastika in front of the entrance door of your home. After this pour some milk and light a candle near Bodhi tree. If possible try donating some food and clothes to the needy.

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