Champa Shashti: A Joyful Harmony of Religious Happiness
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  • November 27, 2023

Champa Shashti: A Joyful Harmony of Religious Happiness

Champa Shashti is a six-day festival dedicated to worshiping Bhagawan Shiva. Observers use this day to offer prayers to Khanderao or Khandoba, a manifestation of Bhagawan Shiva. People celebrate the event on the sixth day of the month of Margashirsha during the Shukla Paksha. Maharashtra and Karnataka widely celebrate the festival. Additionally, you can Book online Puja for Wealth & Prosperity. The event is highly significant in the Khandoba temple, which is located near Jejuri in the Pune region of Maharashtra.

Champa Shashti in 2023:

  • The festival of Champa Shashti is celebrated on the sixth day of the month of Margashirsh of the Hindu calendar when the moon is growing. Lord Shiva is honoured on this day.
  • Champa Shashti on 18th of December, 2023, Monday
  • Champa Shashti Tithi Begins on – 05:33 PM 17th December 2023
  • Champa Shashti Tithi Ends at – 03:13 PM on 18th December, 2023

What is the Importance of Champa Shashti?

A wealthy and happy life depends upon the witness of Champa Shashti rites, along with positive energy. It is thought that by honoring this holiday with passion, all sins are healed.

How to celebrate Champa Shashti?

The Khandoba temple in Pune celebrates the festival of Champa Shashti with great enthusiasm and delight. Throughout the whole six-day celebration, the most devoted followers maintain fasts.

To worship Lord Khandoba, the devotees offer Turmeric Powder, Fruits, vegetables, and apple leaves. From the day of the no moon till the eve of Champa Shashti, people attend the temple early each of the six days. For six days, the devotees burn an oil lamp in front of Lord Khandoba’s sculpture. Offerings including thombara (a multigrain flour), Onondaga (a delicacy produced from wheat), and Bhandara (turmeric powder) are made to the deity on the sixth day. Then comes an Aarti after this procedure. Additionally, click on Online Temple to Book online puja services at affordable prices and receive divine blessings while sitting in the comfort of your own home.

Stories about Champa Shashthi:

According to legend, there once lived two demon brothers named Mani and Malla, who caused many problems for humans, saints, and gods. Lord Shiva was asked for assistance by all the gods and saints. Then the god manifested as Lord Khandoba, who looks like a glittering gold. Turmeric powder was applied to the deity’s face. The demon brothers and Lord Khandoba engaged in a bloody battle. Following a six-day battle, Mani begged Lord Shiva for pardon and presented him with his white horse. Lord Shiva then requested a boon from Mani. Mani expressed his desire to live with Lord Shiva. People install the sculpture of Mani in each and every Khandoba shrine to grant the deity’s wish. Thus, devotees have religiously observed Champa Shashti ever since that evening.

Benefits of Champa Shashti:

Champa Shashti is a beloved Hindu festival. Through rituals, devotees can seek spiritual benefits, courage, and knowledge. Beyond being sacred, it promotes cultural harmony and represents success in the face of difficulty. The celebrations, which feature colorful processions, dancing, and music, foster happiness and a sense of community. Moreover, with the help of OnlineTemple, it is easy to Book special pujas online, which guarantees inclusivity in celebrating this momentous occasion, fusing spirituality, ethnic diversity, and communal upliftment.

In The End:

On December 18, 2023, Champa Shashti will be a colorful celebration of Lord Khandoba’s triumph that combines social happiness, cultural diversity, and religious devotion. The celebration represents wisdom, bravery, and spiritual advantages and has its roots in the legend of victory over the demons Mani and Malla. Devotees participate in six days of ceremonies, fasting, and offerings at Pune’s Khandoba temple, which promotes communal harmony. Online Temple services promote inclusivity by enabling involvement from a distance. Champa Shashti is more than just a celebration; it’s a harmonic thread that ties together culture, spirituality, and the advancement of society.

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