Hanuman’s Tuesday Blessings: Pathway to a Joyful Life
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  • March 19, 2024

Hanuman’s Tuesday Blessings: Pathway to a Joyful Life

On Tuesdays, chanting the Hanuman Chalisa is a good way to please Lord Hanuman. Before beginning the recitation, take a bath and change into clean clothes. Choose a crimson-colored seat for the recitation. Begin reciting the Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday or Saturday and continue for 40 consecutive days. It is also advised to visit the temple every Saturday and Tuesday. Performing these rites pleases Lord Hanuman, and he quickly bestows his blessings on his followers. Furthermore, you can book an online puja for Hanuman through Online Temple to please Lord Hanuman. You should now explore the online Hindu Puja Service to gain a new perspective on Hindu tradition and custom.

Today is Tuesday, which is considered the best day to worship Bajrangbali. Bajrangbali is believed to bestow strength, intelligence, and other qualities. It is said that anyone who makes Bajrangbali happy will have his life saved. Devotees can please Bajrang Bali reverently, but there are other ways to please him. Today we will focus on Tuesdays, when most Hindus worship Lord Hanuman and fast for an entire day to please him, particularly on Hanuman Jayanti 2024.

Ways to Please Bajrangbali on Tuesdays: Insights and Practices

It is said that keeping this fast religiously puts many problems and issues back on track because God fulfills all desires when he sees a pure and dedicated “bhakt”. See the explanation and background of the keep-the-fast, the chant you need to recite, and the procedure by scrolling down. You can go to our website Onlinetemple.com and book an online Das Mahavidya puja and follow all the Hindu traditions and customs.

According to folklore and mythology– there was an ancient city called Kundalpur where a Brahmin named Nanda and his wife Sunanda lived. The wealthy couple, however, had no children who could carry on their name. This prompted Nanda to leave his home and travel to the forest to worship Lord Hanuman in peace and with complete devotion. Sunanda prayed to Lord Bajrangbali once she returned home.

When her husband returned home, he noticed a pretty boy and asked his wife where he was. She told Nanda about her dedication to fasting, which pleased Lord Hanuman and resulted in the birth of a child. However, he suspected his wife of cheating on him and saw her as an adulterer, using the Tuesday fasting story as a ruse. Sunanda named her son Mangal. She once asked her husband to bring the boy along when he went to fetch water from a well.

But, to Sunanda’s dismay, when the husband returned, the son was missing because he had pushed him into the well due to his long-brewing doubt. When Sunanda asked about the child, Mangal appeared out of nowhere, giggling as if nothing had happened. This shocked Nanda.

That night, while the family was sleeping, Nanda had a dream in which Lord Hanuman appeared and told him that the child was indeed himself and that his wife was telling him the truth about the boy’s origin. Mangal was truly a blessing bestowed upon the couple as a result of Sunanda’s dedication and sincere request.

Following this, the family lived happily ever after, and the day was dedicated to Lord Hanuman, who blesses those who have pure thoughts and complete devotion.

Recommended Offerings To Make

Every Tuesday, wrap a garland of red flowers around Lord Hanuman and read the Mangalvar Vrat Katha on this day.

Prepare laddus as an offering. Lord Hanuman is said to prefer three types of laddus: Kesariya bundi laddu, besan laddu, and malai-Mishri laddu. However, besan ones are said to be his favorite, so prepare them and chant with a pure heart.

Imartis, Banarasi paan, and Panchmeva, a mixture of dried fruits containing almonds, raisins, cashews, chhuara, and coconut, are among the other foods he is said to enjoy. You can go to our website Onlinetemple.com and buy online puja kit and follow all the Hindu traditions and customs.

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