Heritage and Arts in Thiruvananthapuram
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  • October 12, 2023

Heritage and Arts in Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram is the capital city of Kerala. It is part of a rich heritage, culture, and arts. Though this place itself is a part of tradition and history, you can see the modernity also. There are so many things to explore, including – historic monuments & astonishing forms. You should explore the Hindu Online Puja Services to gain a new perspective of Hindu tradition and custom. In this article, we will see Thiruvananthapuram as a city that offers cultural richness and historical connection.

Heritage Sites

Thiruvananthapuram is a part of a glorious past and rich heritage. The iconic Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple is a masterpiece of Dravidian architecture. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. When you look at the artistic heritage, it has beautifully done stone carvings. It is a gopuram temple (the temple has tower-like architecture). This temple showcases the city’s historical significance and is a spiritual hub.

In Thiruvananthapuram, there are several sites to visit, like Kuthira Malika. The other famous name of this place is Horse Palace. Maharaja Swathi Thirunal Rama Varma built this place. This place has unique architecture that has 122 wooden horses on its roof. It shows a glimpse of royal heritage. Today, you can do affordable puja services online, it is affordable and traditional services.

Museums and Galleries

In Thiruvananthapuram, you will find several museums and galleries. If you are an art and history lover, you should visit these places as these places have beautiful collections. Further, you should visit The Napier Museum as it showcases a lot of historical and artistic treasures. Another Museum you should visit is The adjacent Natural History Museum. Here, you see the extensive collection of stuffed animals, fossils, and more.

For Film enthusiasts, you visit The Kerala State Chalachitra Academy. It hosts film screenings, exhibitions, and workshops. In conclusion, they promote cinematic arts and culture. This Academy provides different activities that show the city culture in a beautiful artistic way.

Cultural Festivals

In Thiruvananthapuram, there are seasonal cultural festivals that celebrate its diverse culture. Here, there is the annual Swathi Sangeethotsavam which is dedicated to Maharaja Swathi Thirunal. It is a classical music festival in which music lovers from across the country come to see these festivals. There are also religious and cultural events, such as the Aruvikkara Festival, which is hosted at the Aruvikkara Dam.

To witness the rich cultural heritage of Kerala, you can attend The Onam festival celebrated with great zeal. Here, you will witness traditional dance forms like Kathakali and Mohiniyattam. When you see such a performance, you will imprint some impression in your mind.

Art and Culture

Thiruvananthapuram is a place where you witness so many art forms including – Kathakali. It is a classical dance-drama form where you can see different costumes and makeup. One of the great aspects of this place is that they offer training in Kathakali. Here, you can not only witness the amazing performance but you can also learn from them.

You can also witness other art forms like Koodiyattam. It is a UNESCO-recognized classical Sanskrit drama. The main part of this performance is that they are full of facial expressions and body movements. When you watch a live Koodiyattam performance, you immerse in cultural wonderness.

Handicrafts and Handlooms

The city is also famous for its handicrafts and handloom products. The Chalai Market is a bustling hub for shopping, where you can find authentic handicrafts, including wood carvings, brassware, and exquisite traditional fabrics like Kasavu sarees. The city’s handloom industry thrives, producing beautiful textiles with intricate patterns and designs.

One of the other attractions of this place is its handicrafts and handloom products. The Chalai Market is a place where you can get traditional fabrics like Kasavu sarees. You can get other beautiful products like – wood carvings, brassware, and Kasavu sarees. This city is famous for its handloom industry, as it produces some textiles with beautiful patterns and designs.

Culinary Heritage

In Thiruvananthapuram, There will be no exploration if you don’t explore the different cuisines of the city. These are traditional dishes which are more influenced by Kerala culture. Here, you enjoy different dishes like – Kerala Sadya and seafood delicacies. You should go for street food as they offer different traditional and non-traditional dishes.

Finally, Thiruvananthapuram is a beautiful city with a strong heritage and art. This place provides a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience for domestic to international tourists. This place offers historical sites, cultural festivals, art forms, and culinary heritage. Here, you will witness both the tradition and modernity of this place. You should visit this place to explore some unseen art & cultural performances. If you want to do some puja or some ritual, you can easily do online puja booking.