Invoke Goddess Kali’s Power in 5 Simple Steps
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  • December 29, 2023

Invoke Goddess Kali’s Power in 5 Simple Steps

You cannot lead the life you want because of anxiety, trauma, and training. They can prevent you from pursuing that job promotion, quitting a harmful relationship, or aligning with your genuine self. What would your life be like if you were not afraid of anything at all? Would you live a different life if you had the strength to speak up and take charge? 

Imagine having the self-assurance and inner strength to stand up and defend yourself! Imagine being completely in tune with your true self and having the freedom to live the life you desire without worrying about criticism. The conditioned structures that are no longer benefiting you, can be dismantled with the assistance of Goddess Kali’s divine feminine energy. Her goddess energy can teach you how to step into your divine power and surpass fear. The energy to assist you in evolving into your best self is called Kali Shakti. Meanwhile, perform Goddess Kali Puja by booking our online puja services

Goddess Kali

The Hindu deity Kali has two personalities. The horrible, primitive goddess of destruction and heavenly mother. It is why she may have been depicted differently depending on the source. Mother Kali, or Kali Ma, is a wellspring of blessings and all-around good things. Next, we have the goddess Kali, the goddess of destruction and time. She has no boss and is uncontrolled and wild. 

One of the great things about destruction is that it makes room for creation. It is possible to build new structures by demolishing pre-existing ones, including bonds and beliefs. The skulls that hang around the neck signify the Sanskrit letter. These produce the mantra of liberation and aid in the dissolution of all mental constructs that do not serve your best interest. The arms around her waist indicate the karma she helps to eliminate, while the severed head in her hands represents the ego’s severance. Her bare skin is a metaphor for the illusion of crumbling.

The images of Kali Maa could cause concern for some people in the West, yet each one captures a distinctive aspect of her dynamic beauty. An intimidating spiritual liberator is the goddess Kali. She is the mother of the rebels who don’t let social conventions and expectations control their lives. She, the mother of those prepared to take charge of their lives, encourages them to become stronger, more self-assured, and their best selves. You can rise into your divine power, harness Her untamed energy, and demolish the outdated mental structures that keep you from reaching your full potential by channeling the holy feminine energy of Kali Shakti

Here are five easy ways to feel her strong vibes and make positive changes in your life:

Meditation and Chanting:

Sit quietly and think about Goddess Kali. Say her special words over and over (chanting). This helps you feel her strong and changing energy. 

Giving Gifts:

Make a special place for Goddess Kali by giving her gifts. Offer flowers, nice smells, and things that are special to her, like red hibiscus flowers. This shows her you are giving up control and asking for help in your life.

Accepting Good and Bad:

Goddess Kali depicts acceptance of both good and bad things, as she is shown with one foot on Shiva. Try to do the same in your life. Accept all the good and bad things that happen, and let Goddess Kali guide you through changes.

Dance and Move:

Goddess Kali dances a lot, showing the happy and sad parts of life. Try dancing or moving around to feel her happy energy. Let your body show the wild and free side of you, just like Kali’s dance.

Nature Connection:

Feel close to Goddess Kali by spending time in nature. Go to forests, mountains, or any natural place. Kali is like the strong part of nature, so being outside can help you feel her strong and changing power.

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Concluding Statement:

Trying these simple things in your daily routine can help you feel the power of Goddess Kali. Whether you are sitting quietly, giving gifts, accepting good and bad, dancing, or enjoying nature, each way brings you closer to feeling the strong and helpful energy of the Dark Mother. Book online puja services at affordable prices at OnlineTemple for heavenly comfort.