Lord Kubera is worshipped to Gain Wealth And Prosperity
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  • June 23, 2021

Lord Kubera is worshipped to Gain Wealth And Prosperity

Lord Kubera Worship – The Kubera is a demi-god. He was not found in the early literature with any godly status, in the Atharvaveda, and in Satpathabrahmana Kuber is portrayed as lord of the evil spirits and criminals. According to legend, the Kubera was jealous of Parvati and the Shiva. The enraged Parvati turned Kuber into a dwarf and blinded him. It also turned Kubera’s eye yellow. However, in the Ramayana, Kuber received his godly status and in the list of demigods. The Kubera received his godhood from the Brahma for his severe penance. In the Ramayana, the Kubera was the king of Sri Lanka and ultimately thrown out by Ravana. The Kubera with his godly status is in Buddhist literature and also in Jainism. The Kuber is always famous for his flying chariot the Pushpak. The Kubera is the god of wealth and preserves nidhis. In India, Kuber is the symbol of wealth. The Kubera in later literature was the founder of Alaka near Kailash.

Reasons for worship

The Kubera is the god of wealth and naturally a favorite among the business community. It is believed that if the devotee can please the Kubera he will be bestowed with extraordinary wealth and riches

How to worship

Lord Kubera worshiped  Laksmi as goddess Laksmi is also associated with wealth. But there is a difference, while the Kubera is worshipped in the new moon, Laksmi is worshipped in the full moon, but in parts of India, Lakshmi puja is done on the new moon also. But, regular pujas are done on Fridays and Tuesdays. To worship the Kubera, you need a special board known as Kubera Kolam. It is a small board with nine small squares. You have to put flowers and coins in each square and lit the candle. You chant the Kubera mantra and pray for his mercy.

Festivals based on Lord Kubera

The Kubera festival is slated on the first day of the Deepavali. Since the Kubera is worshipped on the new moon the festival has now merged with Dhanteras. The buying of ornaments or wealth is an essential part of this festival. The faith in Dhanteras is such that even the poorest of the poor try to buy anything made of metal to please the Lord.

Benefits of Worshipping Lord Kubera

Lord Kubera if pleased will bestow the devotee with treasure and wealth. The devotee will accumulate unlimited wealth and will free you from financial worries for his lifetime.

Regions where Lord Kubera is worshipped

The Kubera is worshipped in Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, UP, and Rajasthan. The new temples are now being erected as the popularity of Lord Kubera increased with the spread of the Dhanteras festival. Hope this article has helped you a lot to know about  Lord Kubera Worship.