Manglik Dosha – Understand Its Impact and Discover Remedies
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  • December 20, 2023

Manglik Dosha – Understand Its Impact and Discover Remedies

Astrologically, Manglik Dosha is highly significant in a horoscope. Manglik dosha is said to have some adverse effects on a person’s life. Mangal Dosha is also known as Manglik Dosha and Kuja Dosha, and it is also considered one of the most influential and intense doshas in a horoscope. In north India, Mars is also known by the planet Mangal while it is known as Chevvai or Sevvai in South India. In Vedic Astrology, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are considered malefic whereas, Mars is considered commander or warrior. You can also become a warrior by performing Hindu online puja service to receive good gifts from Mars, visit OnlineTemple to learn more.

Understand Manglik Dosha

Astrology believes that an individual is said to have a Manglik Dosha if the planet Mars appears in the First, Second, Fourth, Seventh, Eighth, and Twelfth houses in his horoscope chart. The Venus, Moon Sign and Lagna charts can all be used to figure out your Mangalik Dosha. Astrologers can determine whether your doshas are high or low based on where Mars is in your horoscope. When a Kundali (Horoscope) is examined, its doshas can be accurately predicted.

Effects of Maglik Dosha

There are certain effects of Manglik Dosha in a horoscope based on the position of Mars in any house given below:-

1st house of Mars:

The 1st house is the house of the partner. As a result, typically, it impacts married life and causes unnecessary arguments. Violence and physical assault are possible outcomes as well. Such an individual may experience tension, unhappiness, separation, or even divorce.

2nd house of Mars:

An individual’s family life is impacted. It also makes things difficult in terms of marriage and career.

4th house of Mars:

Professional matters are negatively impacted by the 4th house. A person like that will change jobs and never succeed in their career. Money problems will continue to grow.

7th house of Mars:

This person has excessive energy and will be irritable, making it hard to maintain cordial interactions with family members. Furthermore, this individual may have multiple partners and can exercise extreme dominance and dictation over them.

8th house of Mars:

Due to their laziness and inability to maintain a relationship with their elders, such people will forfeit their paternal property.

12th house of the Mars:

People who are Manglik will have enemies. In addition, the individual will have money losses and mental health issues.

Remedies for Manglik Dosha

  • The first remedy is a Manglik Dosha Puja at a very prominent place. Moreover, you can perform this puja remotely by booking special online puja services from Online Temple.
  • Kumbh Vivah is advised by astrologers to bring back your misplaced Mars. The person using this cure ought to wed a peepal tree. This tree eliminates all of Mars’s negative energy.
  • On Tuesdays, worshiping Lord Hanuman neutralizes Malefic Mars. To receive good gifts from Mars, also helps to appease it.
  • Red is the hue linked to Mars. Put on red clothing or carry a red handkerchief. Mars’s cosmic energy is drawn to it.
  • Seek the blessings of Lord Vishnu to overcome this dosha. It is the simplest method for treating Mangal.
  • Wear gemstones advised by an astrologer. It helps to strengthen your Mars.
  • For the person with this dosha, it is advisable to marry after the age of 28 when the effect of the dosha becomes less.
  • If the two persons with the same Manglik dosha marry each other, then the effect can be balanced.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, Manglik Dosha is an old astrological idea. You don’t need to stress too much about it. We (Online Temple) offer Special pujas online booking to cure the ill-placed Mars in your horoscope.

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