Namaste – A Hindu way to greet each other
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  • April 9, 2021

Namaste – A Hindu way to greet each other

Namaste is the Hindu way to greet each other and is mostly popular in india. Whenever people meet, interact on phone, see each other on streets or simply cross each other, a humble “Namaste” is exchanged.

People of all age and gender use this to greet one another. It  has various other variants like “Namaskar” and “Namaskaram” it is a way of showing respect to each other and is being practiced since the time of Vedas and earlier.

The word namaste means “i bow to you”, my humble greeting to you. It has a spiritual significance of reducing one’s ego in front of another person. It is extended by folding both hands, joining both the palms and bending slightly. It is India’s and majorly Hindus around the world is the way of salutation and start the communication. The bowing down or bending down of the head is the form of extending friendship, love and respect.

It is believed that God resides in all of us and we bow to each other in order to pay our respect to the human soul inside us which is largely driven by God grace. While praying also Hindu people fold their hands and close eyes chanting mantras of various types dedicated to God. Namaskar helps us in regaining positive attitude in life. Some believes that folding hands in Namaste also boost the inner strength as it triggers the pressure points that exist in our palms. Many of the Hindu God and Goddesses idols are seen with folded hands in order to encourage the ritual of namaste. The tradition and culture of greeting each other has not changed since ages though there is a lot of influence from western culture but Namaste and Namaskar has not lost its sheen among us.

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