New Beginnings: Housewarming Celebration Tips and Tricks
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  • May 17, 2024

New Beginnings: Housewarming Celebration Tips and Tricks

In every man’s life, there will be a time when we all want to live in our dream homes. It is surrounded by peace and happiness. To begin your new journey in your new home, purchasing a home and onboarding is not an ideal way. A new housewarming ceremony is required:

  • For long-term protection
  • Positive energy dissemination
  • Environmental purification
  • A new housewarming ceremony is required.

Housewarming (Griha Pravesham) is a traditional Hindu ritual. This has been done for many years throughout the world. People acquire a new home, they choose the desired date based on the priest’s advice. Further, hold the new house opening ceremony with their families. Individuals are eager to hold a new house opening ceremony, unlike before. This is the ideal opportunity to visit our website Book a Puja Samagri Online with amazing deals, and offers. Furthermore, you will get to know more about all Hindu customs and ceremonies.

Vastu-Compliant House & Construction Completion

Vastu is a well-known concept in India, however, when performing a new housewarming ceremony, we pray to the five elements of God: water, fire, wind, sun, and earth. Thus, it is suitable for building a home according to Vastu experts’ recommendations. During the event, individuals will pray to five elements, along with the priest, to bring peace and harmony into their homes. The head of the house must enter the house with his right foot while holding a copper Kalash filled with water and coconut.

To ensure a smooth housewarming ceremony, we must complete the building to some degree before choosing a day for the celebration. For example, windows, paintings, and electrical fittings must be properly installed and assembled. Many people carry out their duties without properly developing the home. It’s also advised that on the night of the housewarming ceremony, the whole family spends time in the newly constructed home.

Main Entrance & Clean Your Home

Did you know that the main entrance/door should be decked with flowers? Whenever you want to execute the function for your house, the main door must be decorated uniquely. This should be according to the ideas of the priest doing the Puja on the day of the event. According to Vastu principles, this part of the house is called Sinha Dwar. To make your main door appealing on housewarming day, install some goddess symbols like Lakshmi and Swastika to bring good health and wealth to the occupants in the house.

Not everything must be performed by the priest. Cleansing is part of the new housewarming ritual and can be accomplished with Gangajal. Thus, liquid is stored in a separate Kalash in the home’s corner. Some raw mango leaves are laid over the Kalash, dipped in the juice, and sprinkled over the house. It is thought that bad energy leaves the house once this liquid is sprayed. If you want to receive blessings and clarity, you must have a good priest do several Pujas and study mantras. Onlinetemple offers a pandit for puja online which can assist you with the mantras correctly and fast.

Milk for Gratitude

The new housewarming ritual will involve boiling milk. Boiling milk is said to bring wealth to the home, therefore it has become a required procedure in all new house inauguration ceremonies. A female member of the household is tasked with boiling milk in the new utensils before adding rice to prepare rice prasad. This prasad is served after the Puja to all members of the household.

Housewarming Ceremony Guidelines and Practices

  • Do not move any furniture into the house till the housewarming Puja is completed. Before setting foot in the new home, one should break a coconut, which is thought to erase all obstacles. To promote success, it is recommended that you enter your new home with the right foot forward. Any images of the residence’s inhabitants must be displayed on the eastern side of the home.
  • After doing the Puja, it is not advisable to leave the house unoccupied for at least three days. Experts advise against performing the Griha Pravesh if a death has occurred in the family recently. Make sure the mango leaves are still fresh before sprinkling holy water over them to cleanse the house. Hang fresh mango leaves and marigold flowers in the doorway on the day of the housewarming event. The Puja room should be situated on the northeastern side.
  • Afterward, you should perform Ganesh Puja, Vaastu Puja, and Navagraha Shanti. Assist all those taking part in the Puja with food, including friends, family, and priests. Before holding the housewarming event, thoroughly clean the house. Use brightly colored rangoli, which is formed with rice flour, on the floor. You may also get Hawan Service at affordable prices at the finest costs from an Indian Puja store near you.

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