Pray To Lord Venkateshwara The Protector In Kaliyug
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  • May 11, 2021

Pray To Lord Venkateshwara The Protector In Kaliyug

Pray To Lord Venkateshwara

Lord Venkateswara is another incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is said that Lord Venkateswara has made his abode at seven hills to protect the mankind from the miseries of the Kalyug. As per the Hindu mythology, the creator dissolves his creation at the end of his night. The entire time span for which the creation exists is divided into four periods Satya, Treta, Dwapar and Kalyug. Of the four periods, Kalyug is the worst when all evil forces take controls. Luckily the total of the four periods spans 43.4 billion years.

The Shesnag is the thorn and the his hood is the umbrella over Lord Venkateswara. At the far end of the Dwapar era, the Rishis were performing Yajna, but who will receive the fruits remain undecided. So, Bhrigu set out to find the best among the Trinities of Hindu gods. Bhrigu has one advantage; he had a third eye on his foot. Bhrigu visited the abodes of the Brahma and the Shiva and found them wanting. He then visited the Vishnu and found him in meditation and totally ignoring the sage. Enraged sage kicked Vishnu in the chest, Vishnu woke up and apologized to Bhrigu for hurting his foot and massaged his foot to squash the extra eye out.

Laksmi took it as an insult and left Baikuntham and start meditating at Kolhapur. Vishnu set out to search Laksmi disguises as Srinivasa and reached the seven hills and start meditating. A cow and a calf given by Laksmi used to provide food and nourishment to Srinivasa. A Cowherd sees this stuck the cow with his baton, but the blow struck Srinivasa instead enraged Lord cursed the king for the cruel act of his subject. The king pleads mercy and Srinivasa said to condone his sin he will take his next birth as Akasaraja and must arrange the marriage of her daughter with Srinivasa.

Accordingly Srinivasa married Padamavati daughter of Akasaraja and returned to Tirumala hills. Lakshmi hearing the news reached Tirumala to get an explanation from Srinivasa. Srinivasa seeing Laksmi and Padamavati turned himself to a stone statue. Lord Brahma and Shiva explained that it is lord’s desire to stand by his devotees and disciples to protect them throughout the Kalyug. Srinivasa is Lord Venkateswara, and Laksmi stays on the left and Padamavati at the right of his heart..

Beliefs for worship

Lord Venkateswara is the savior of mankind in the troubled era of Kalyug. If prayed with full devotion the Lord Venkateswara grants all legitimate demands of his disciples.

How to worship Lord Venkateswara

The legend says the Lord Venkateswara taken a loan from 11.4 million gold coins from Kuber to meet the marriage expenses. As per contract witnessed by Brahma and Shiva, the Lord Venkateswara will liquidate the loan before the end of the era. The ornaments donated by the devotees in the hundreds go to repay the debt. This is a kind of worship. But, if you want to worship Lord Venkateswara at home, you must do it after taking a bath with clean and pure heart. You need sincere devotion, and that is all the Lord demands. It is just like your normal puja with incense stick, diya, Tulsi and sandal paste.

Festivals based on Venkateswara

The main festival is Venkateswara Brahmotsavam; it is a nine-day long festival celebrated in the month of October. Other major festivals are Vaikuntha Ekadasi, Rathasaptami, Ramnavami, Janmashtami and Ugadi.

Lord Venkateswara grants all legitimate demands of his disciples. I hope this article has given you enough information on Pray To Lord Venkateshwara. Don’t forget to comment!!