Chaitra Navratri Day 6: Katyayani Puja




  • To reduce dosha of planet Jupiter (Brihaspati) in your kundali.
  • To help you or your family member find a suitable husband/ wife.
  • To bring positive energy in your house.
  • To eliminate negative energy in your house.
  • To decrease problems related to business, career and job.

Navratri puja is dedicated to the worship of nine different forms of Goddess Durga for 9 days. The Chaitra Navratri puja begins in the lunar month of Chaitra, i.e. March- April. The sixth day of the puja begins with worshipping Goddess Katyayani.


Katyayani is the sixth avatar of the Hindu Goddess Durga, who was the slayer of tyrannical demon Mahishasur. She is depicted with 4, 10 or 18 hands.

It is also the second name for Goddess Adi Parashakti in Amarakosha, the Sanskrit lexicon (Goddess Parvati names- Uma Katyayani Gauri Kali Hemavati Ishwari).

The Goddess Katyayani was also worshipped by Sita, Radha and Rukmini to pray for a good husband. She is associated with the some of the 9 fierce forms of Goddess Durga, also known as Nav Durga.


As mentioned in the ancient texts of Vaman Puran, Goddess Katyayani was created when the gods manifested their anger at the demon Mahishasura in the form of energy rays. The rays crystallized in the hermitage of Rishi Katyayana, who give it a form and hence the goddess got her name Katyayani or ‘daughter of Katyayana’.

In texts like Kalika Puran, it was said that Rishi Katyayana was the one who first worshipped the goddess and that gave her the name. Vaman Puran states that the gods sought Vishnu in their distress. So Vishnu and at his behest, Brahma, Shiva and all other gods emitted energy flames from their either their eyes or countenances and a lofty effulgence was formed as a result.

The effulgence manifested itself in the form of Katyayani, who was refulgent like a thousand suns, had 3 eyes with one in the middle of her forehead and 18 arms. Shiva gifted her his trident, Vishnu a Sudarshan Chakra (discus), Varun a shankh (conch shell), Agni a dart, Vayu a bow, Surya a quiver full of arrows, Indra a thunderbolt, Kuber a mace, Brahma a rosary and water-pot, Kaal a shield and sword, Vishwakarma a battle-axe and other weapons.

Hence cherished and armed by the gods, she headed to the Mysore Hills. The asuras (demons) saw her and were enchanted by her magnificence. They headed to Mahishasura, their king and praised her in great detail. Mahishasura became eager to have her for himself so he asked for her hand. Katyayani informed him she must be won over in a fight.

So Mahishasura took on the form of Mahisha (bull), and fought her. Soon, Katyayani dismounted from her lion and pounced on Mahisha’s back. She struck him with her soft feet on the head with tremendous force. The strength was such that Mahisha fell to the ground senseless. Then, she cut off his head with her sword and was since called Mahishasuramardini, ‘the slayer of Mahishasura’.


Mantra of Katyayani:

ॐ देवी कात्यायन्यै नम:
Oṃ Devī Kātyāyanyai Namaḥ॥

Prayer of Katyayani:

स्वर्णाआज्ञा चक्र स्थितां षष्टम दुर्गा त्रिनेत्राम्।
वराभीत करां षगपदधरां कात्यायनसुतां भजामि॥

Swarnagya chakra sthitam shashtam Durga Trinetram।
Varabhit Karam shadgpadmdharam katyayansutam Bhajami॥

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