Janmashtami Puja




  • Growth of internal strength & confidence.
  • Removes diseases, sorrows, and fears.
  • Encourages good health and life longevity.
  • Increases fortune, prosperity, and wealth.
  • Blesses familial life for generations to come.

Janmashtami online puja is done in honor of God Krishna’s birthday because it was on this day that Vishnu took was born as his 8th form, the form of Krishna in Dwapar Yug. Krishna was born to establish Dharma and remove Adharma on Earth.

With many relations such as friend, guru, lover, child, and Supreme Being, he showed how to be the prime example of all. Mesmerizing his devotees with his charm, he encourages them all to follow the path of honesty and faith. The festival is known by different names as Krishna Jayanti, Janma Ashtami, Krishna Ashtami, Gokul Ashtami, and Sri Jayanti.

There are many legends related to his life, but one related to his birth- Kans Vadh. King Kans loved his sister Devki very much and when she got married to Vasudev, he went together to drop her off at her in- laws’ home with more riches than one could imagine.

However, on the way, there was an oracle (Akashvani) that Vasudev and Devki’s 8th son would be the one to kill him. Hearing this, he grew enraged and locked them both up in jail, killing their 6 children consequently.

Before the birth of the 7th child, Vishnu with the help of Goddess Yogmaya transferred Devki’s womb to Vasudev’s first wife, Rohini, who gave birth to Balram. Soon after that, Krishna is born as the 8th son at midnight.

When he is born, magically the door to their prison opens. Vasudev took Krishna in a small basket to his friend chief Nand in Gokul, by waddling across Yamuna river in heavy rain. To shield baby Krishna from the rain, Vasuki snake traveled with them across the river, shielding them both with his various heads forming a protective cover.

Afterwards, Kans tried various ways to kill Krishna but all of them backfired. Once Krishna grew up, he killed Kans and freed his parents. Online temple’s online puja services ensure that your family receives the blessings of Krishna for your household and personal happiness.

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