Lohri Puja




  • For the strength and determination to face any challenges.
  • To live a successful life.
  • To make your lives healthier and wealthier.
  • To obtain mental tranquility in your lives.
  • To fill your home with positive energy.
  • To get rid of bad energy in your home.

In our modern era, it seems like everybody’s goal is to possess a mind that is tranquil and liberated from extreme psychological anguish, anxiety, and instability. What a blessing would it be to possess natural self-assurance and inherent power, to be liberated from all problems.

Lohri, a festival of fervor is observed annually on January 13. Being one of the most widely recognized and cherished holidays, it is observed with great splendor.

The festival of Lohri embarks on the commencement of the new farming season and the end of the wintertime.

How is Lohri Celebrated?

Lohri commemorations are indeed happy events that require careful planning. Each person or family enjoys each minute of taking on their fair part of Lohri-related duties. Young people begin gathering wood for the bonfire. The family’s women cook scrumptious meals and goodies for the puja, as bonfire vows, and for subsequent enjoyment by everyone. Numerous people book online puja services for Lohri to perform gratitude to the Sun deity and to make requests for a plentiful bloom harvest.

People spend the entire night celebrating Lohri on the eve of Makar Sankranti. They ignite the fire while donning fresh clothing. People chant, dance, and circle the bonfire at least seven times because they believe it brings affluence. Additionally, people chant songs in his honor and recall the contributions, bravery, and tales of Dulla Bhatti.

Performing the Lohri puja

Embed the image of Mahadev on a black fabric piece on the eve of Lohri. Individuals book online puja services to deliver numerous sacrifices to the god and adobe lamps are always lit right in front of him or her. Throughout this puja, people routinely face westward. People gather together around a bonfire constructed of wood and cow manure cakes after performing puja for Sri Mahadev, chanting, performing, and tossing foodstuffs like sugarcane, jaggery, and other edibles they received as a portion of the puja offering.

For everyone commemorating this festive season, Lohri gives great happiness and fulfillment. As that of the culmination of seeding and the beginning of the planting season, Lohri also welcomes in the fresh year for farmers in Punjab. All ages and genders appreciate Lohri owing to its distinctiveness and allure as they honor the Sun god and make prayers for a bountiful harvest.

Whenever in dilemma about what to do at this festival, contact us to book online puja services at a low cost. We also deliver puja samagri for accomplishing puja.

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