Onam Puja


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  • Increase in familial happiness and prosperity.
  • Boosts relationship bonding and sincerity.
  • Amplifies health of devotees and their family.
  • Prevention of serious diseases and ailments.
  • Protection from all evils and negativity.

Onam Puja has been a large part of Kerala as it is widely celebrated as an annual harvest festival all over Kerala. It is religiously celebrated every year in the months of August and September, which falls in the month of Chingam. Now it is also celebrated in an Online E-Puja ceremony.

It is one of the most important and biggest festivals with online puja rituals & online Jaap for citizens of Kerala, celebrated for 10 days. The legend of this puja goes back to the legendary demonic king Maha Bali. The king, while being a demon, was truly faithful and devoted to God Vishnu.

He was very virtuous and everybody in his kingdom was prosperous, content and satisfied. His kingdom was so happy that his subjects would leave their doors unlocked even. Maha Bali had already conquered both the Human and Demon Lok, and Gods were becoming increasing worried that he would soon dominate God Lok as well.

To resolve the issue, Indra went to Vishnu to ask for a solution. Vishnu took his Vaman avatar and asked for 3 steps of land from the king. The king’s advisor warned him to be cautious, but he agreed. The Vaman increased his size and soon became Trivikram (conqueror of all 3 Lok).

He took the first step in Human Lok, the second in God Lok, and then asked Maha Bali where he should put his feet. Humbled, the king answered to put the feet on his head. The Vaman put his 3rd foot on Maha Bali’s head and pushed him to Demon Lok.

However, since Vishnu was so impressed by the King’s virtues that he granted the king a boon that the king would be celebrated and worshipped by everyone in Kerala. Not only that, since the King was so attached to his kingdom, he was also granted a boon that he could return once every year. This return is celebrated as the festival of Onam.

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