Soulful Tribute: Chants to Honor and Remember Ancestors in Pitru Paksha
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  • May 8, 2024

Soulful Tribute: Chants to Honor and Remember Ancestors in Pitru Paksha

Pitru Paksha is a Hindu ritual. This ritual helps to honor their ancestors. People bring food, water, and prayers to their ancestors. It is dedicated to the deceased souls of family members. It’s also known as Shradh. This is the best time to visit our website Book a Puja Samagri Online and follow all the Hindu traditions and customs. Several distinct names throughout India know Pitru Paksha. The name is also known as Pitru Paksha:

  • Kanagat
  • Jitya
  • Pitru Pakshya
  • Pitru Pokkho, and others.

Pitru Paksha lasts about 16 days every year.

During this period, various offerings are presented to the departed spirits, Pujas are performed, and mantras are chanted. The Pitru Paksha is considered one of the most essential reasons for making the deceased souls happy and satisfied. The rituals must be completed with attention and following conventions to remove any impediments the departed spirits must overcome before they ascend to heaven. The mantra holds the greatest significance when performing the Pitru Paksha Puja. With our presence in some of India’s main cities, we’ve helped individuals execute a variety of Pujas, including Pitru Paksha. Let us look at some of the most prominent Pitru Paksha mantras.

Pitru Paksha Mantras

“|| Om Pitru Ganaay Vidmahe Jagat Dharini Dheemahi Tanno Pitro Prachodyaat ||
(ॐ पितृगणाय विद्महे जगत धारिणी धीमहि तन्नो पितृो प्रचोदयात् )”

“|| Om Adya Bhootaay Vidmahe Sarw Sewyaay Dheemahi Shiv Shakti Swarupen Pitru Dev Prachodyaat ||
(ॐ आद्य भूताय विद्महे सर्व सेव्याय धीमहि। शिव शक्ति स्वरूपेण पितृ देव प्रचोदयात् )”

“|| Om Devtabhyah Pitrubhayash Mahayogibhy Ew Ch | Namah Swahaaye Swadhaaye Nityamev Namo Namah ||
( ॐ देवताभ्य: पितृभ्यश्च महायोगिभ्य एव च । नम: स्वाहायै स्वधायै नित्यमेव नमो नमः )”

How do you chant Pitru Paksha Mantras?

Chanting Pitru Paksha mantras is insufficient to release your ancestors. You have to go through a certain procedure to make sure your prayers are received. This ensures that the departed soul’s trip to heaven goes smoothly and easily. You may also get Hawan Service at affordable prices at the finest costs from an Indian Puja store near you. The steps for doing the Pitru Paksha mantras diligently are as follows:

You should rise early in the morning and do your regular tasks.

  • Take a bath and set up a white asana for seating. You can substitute a white blanket if you cannot find any white asana.
  • After taking a bath, change into clean, white clothes.
  • Light incense sticks and lights and pray to the ancestors. We recommend you use a saffron incense stick.
  • Complete the Tarpan vidhi properly.
  • Chant the Pitru Paksha mantra and offer prayers to your ancestors.

The significance of Pitru Paksha Mantra.

Performing the Pitru Paksha mantra can have several benefits, some of which include the following:

  • Chant the Pitru Paksha mantra to delight or appease your ancestors.
  • If you’re experiencing difficulties or challenges at work, your ancestors’ blessings can assist you overcome them.
  • If you have Pitru Dosha, it can be removed by adjusting your Pitru Paksha mantra.
  • Chanting the mantra might bring about tranquility and blessings from the ancestors.

Finally, knowing the Pitru Paksha mantra has various benefits. If you want to gain the blessings and confidence of your ancestors, you must say the mantra correctly throughout the Puja. Our pandit for puja online can assist you sing the mantras correctly and quickly.

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