The Art of Attraction: Mohini Puja and the Path to Marriage
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  • May 3, 2024

The Art of Attraction: Mohini Puja and the Path to Marriage

Human emotions can’t be quantitive identity. However, love will somehow can be depicted as a human being most strong emotion. This can be challenging and misunderstood by many. Many people resort to religion or spirituality in the hopes of finding love, and Hinduism. In particular, it has an ancient ceremony known as the Mohini Puja. You can visit our website and book Puja Samagri Online and discover all Hindu traditions and customs. However, many believe will help them attract their soulmate.

History and Concept of Mohini Puja

The Mohini Puja is an ancient Hindu ceremony believed to promote love. It also enhances the possibility of marriage. The term “Mohini” means “attractive” in Hindi. The puja is called after the Hindu deity Mohini.

The goddess holds the reputation of being the most beautiful lady in the universe. She is renowned for her ability to charm men. A priestess leads the puja, asking the goddess to bless the participants. The ritual traditionally takes place during the month of Shravana (July-August), and it is believed to be especially beneficial on a full moon night. The Mohini Puja dates back to Vedic times. She was initially worshiped to obtain moksha. These moksha are from the cycle of birth and death.

In “Mahabharata,” Mohini appears to Krishna to assist him in regaining his lost kingdom. Krishna was so impressed with her beauty that he fell in love with her. She finally helped him reclaim his kingdom. Nowadays, the Mohini Puja is frequently conducted by women looking for love. Furthermore, they wanted to improve their appearance. You could go to Book Online Pujas Services to acquire a fresh viewpoint on Hindu heritage and customs.

Mohini Puja Ritual: Procedure

The Mohini Puja is an ancient Hindu ceremony believed to promote love. This puja enhances the possibility of marriage. To improve your love life or raise your chances of finding the right spouse, this puja will help you fulfill your love life wishes. Here’s a guide to performing the Mohini Puja ritual:

First, gather the following materials:

  • Red flower
  • White flower
  • Yellow flower
  • Green flower
  • A tiny piece of red cloth
  • Small piece of white cloth
  • Small piece of yellow cloth
  • Small piece of green cloth.

You’ll also need a photograph of your ideal mate or spouse. Next, you’ll need to locate a peaceful area. Once you’ve settled in, hold the photo of your chosen spouse in your hands. Focus on it while repeating the following mantra:

“Om namoh bhagwate mohinideviye namah om namah”

Repeat this chant 108 times while imagining your ideal companion. After you’ve completed saying the mantra, attach the red flower to the red fabric and set it on top of the photo. Now, tie one knot in the white cloth and place it on top of the red cloth containing the picture. Next, tie a single knot in the yellow cloth and set it on top of the white linen with the picture. Once you’ve done tying knots in both pieces of yellow cloth (be careful not to lose track), repeat the process with two pieces of green cloth before going on to your final piece: blue cloth.

  • Begin tying knots in this final section until you have 72 knots total, one for each bead on a mala. After tying all 72 knots, chant the mantra:

“Om karunye devyai namah”

Anyone can perform Mohini Pujas, but it is usually advisable to speak with a priest or pandit first to verify that everything is correct. In today’s digital age, you can obtain cheap Online Puja Services, which combine convenience with traditional customs.

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