Vedic Remedies in Astrology – A Blessing to Alleviate Life’s Challenges
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  • August 28, 2023

Vedic Remedies in Astrology – A Blessing to Alleviate Life’s Challenges

Vedic remedies are a part of Vedic astrology that requires knowledge of both astrology and medicine. A qualified astrologer needs years to acquire the astrological and medical expertise required to become a medical astrologer, including a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Vedic remedies use these 2 sciences to fully comprehend illnesses and counsel patients on the most effective ways to restore health.

According to Vedic astrology, a person’s native or birth chart contains planets that are either benefic (provide positive energy and effects), malefic (bring negative or ill results), or neutral (stay untouched). As a result, several remedies are suggested in Vedic astrology that, when implemented in one’s life, may eventually counteract the negative effects of the malefic planet.

Furthermore, Puja and Hawan performed to appease unfavorable planets and have a positive impact on locals’ quality of life. Read further to learn more about Vedic remedies in astrology – a blessing to alleviate life’s challenges. Additionally, make sure to check out Online Temple to book the best online puja services.

How Does Vedic Astrology Work?

How Does Vedic Astrology Work

According to Vedic Astrology, the positions of the planets in a Kundli are determined by Karma from previous lifetimes. As a result, everything a native experiences in life—both good and bad—is a result of their previous existence. However, Astrology provides excellent cures for every malefic set to draw goodness and positivity in order to carry out good deeds in the here and now.

In Remedial Measures, you can choose to emphasize the precise corrective actions that will lead you through the many stages of your life. Since the explanation of each graph is fascinating. Similar to this, Vedic remedies are effective and obvious for each birth chart. You would benefit from taking the right course of action from a variety of angles in order to proceed easily through daily life.

Why are Remedies Effective?

A remedy is essentially a practical cure for the mysterious, mystical, clairvoyant antitoxins that mitigate or eliminate the harmful effects of our awful karmas from previous lifetimes. By this point, it should be clear that the actions we took in our former lives, also known as karmic activities, directly affect our future. Additionally, you can also book Hawan & Yagna services online to nullify the harmful effects of your former life.

A remedy is typically the process by which we engage in or are restrained from engaging in behaviors that were previously habitual to us. As was already mentioned, some therapies are modern, while others are Vedic and have been practiced for centuries, passed down by sages over the years. Everything depends on the doer’s Desh (Country), Kaal (Time), and Stithi (Situation), which change over time. Even if all of these cures are effective, some of them are only applicable in certain areas and cannot thus be used elsewhere.

Several Types of Astrological Remedies


Each planet is open to a particular gemstone. Gemstones must first capture a particular wavelength of sunlight in order to transmit these powerful energies to the wearer.

Powerful Yantra:

Everybody’s existence had been accompanied by a variety of Yantras. There are Yantras for planets and gods that determine a person’s position in various dimensions. But some people can use yantras as a form of medication.


It goes without saying that devotees of Shiva consider the Rudraksha to be a lucky charm. “Rudra” is our most cherished and resolute nickname. Therefore, the varied varieties of rudraksha represent celestial blessings and health benefits.


These are ground-breaking in terms of energy storage and protection, supporting the individual who admires the gems or Sphatik objects. Sphatik artifacts, resembling a Shivalinga, Meru, Ganesha, or another deity, act as healing agents for various planets.


Devotion offers the greatest treatment available, which is without a doubt why it is so strong.  There is a strong culture and conviction that accustoms puja and devotion in almost every division of the family. When a person or family practices pooja according to customs, mudras, and devotion, the relevant parties give its effects to everyone in due time.Furthermore, you can also book online Hindu puja services with Online Temple to obtain the divine blessings of the deity.


The Sacred Hindu Writings’ powerful religious chanting known as mantras has a significant impact. These mantras can be Beeja, Gayatri, or Stuti mantras. Consistent practice of these Mantras can cause noticeable changes in a person’s viewpoint, faculties, and focus.

Aim of Vedic Astrology Remedies

There are a few practical tips that can frequently help you unburden your issues and think about certain perspectives that can simplify your life. You should continuously use simple, persuading strategies that can alter your perspective and enhance your simple way of life.

When employing Vedic Astrology remedies, you will have the option of highlighting the precise corrective solution that will assist you through the various stages of your life. Additionally, picking the appropriate career would have numerous positive effects for you and make progress in daily life simple.

Furthermore, if you are looking to book affordable puja services online, make sure to check out Online Temple, the best online portal for religious ceremonies and remedial rituals.

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