What is the Right Way to Worship Lord Surya and its Benefits?
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  • July 27, 2023

What is the Right Way to Worship Lord Surya and its Benefits?

The Sun is one of the most potent deities in Hinduism. He is a powerful God with many skills. The Rig Veda, the earliest piece of Indian literature, has a Vedic song that describes the lofty and powerful Surya. According to tradition, the Sun is one of Hinduism’s oldest deities. Many more religions than just Hinduism revere the Sun because of its magnificence and grace.

It is believed that by worshipping Lord Sun, one is liberated from all the Doshas and illnesses in their life. The position of the Sun in the horoscope has a significant impact on the indigenous’ quality of life. Since the Sun is the Navagraha’s ruler, whatever doshas (defects) that other planets may have indicated are removed when the Sun is strong in a person’s horoscope. So, in this blog, we are going to cover what is the right way to worship Lord Surya and its benefits. Additionally, you can visit Online Temple to book online Hindu puja services.

The Right Way to Worship Lord Surya?

Although there is no particular method to worship Lord Surya, there is still a pattern that you can follow in order to gain the desired outcomes. The following are the steps to perform Surya Puja:

  • First, take a bath.
  • Wear clean, fresh garments whenever you perform puja for the sun.
  • Make morning prayers to the sun.
  • When doing the puja, turn towards the rising sun or the east.
  • Use a drop of Ganga-Jal to cleanse your body before you worship the Sun God, then start praying to Lord Ganesha.
  • Take a copper bowl and put honey inside it to present to Lord Surya.
  • Pour the water into the ground while focusing on God and the sun.
  • Use Chandan or kumkum as a tilak while repeating the Surya name. You can also chant the Gayatri mantra while applying the tilak or listen to the Aditya Hridya Stotram. You can also offer the sun water while reciting “Om Ghrinim Surya Adityamu” at least eleven times.
  • Spend 5-7 minutes meditating outside in the sunlight.
  • To feel immediate tranquility, later touch some water that has been poured on the ground and place a drop on your head and eyes. Make sure not to put your foot in the water.

Hence, your Surya puja is finished here. Repeat it daily to get God’s blessing. Furthermore, you also book the best online puja services with Online Temple to gain the divine blessing of Lord Surya.

Benefits of Having a Strong Sun in Your Horoscope

  • It is said that if Lord Sun is pleased with you and bestows his blessings upon you, all of your tasks will be completed without difficulty, and any impediments in your path will be erased.
  • Planetary placement errors that could have been present in the horoscope are fixed.
  • The home gives off an air of happiness, serenity, and wealth.
  • The Navagraha deities’ flaws were rectified.
  • The person’s capacity for work and working skills both rise. The influence of leadership increases.
  • Another important component of the heart is the sun. When the Sun is feeble, a person may get heart-related ailments.
  • There are openings for government employment, and gaining access to new business opportunities is advantageous.

Therefore, the person whose Sun is prophesied in his horoscope to result in unfavorable events or generate irritability must offer water to the Sun during worship. Although the Sun should be offered Arghya and puja every day if this is not possible for some reason, you can book online puja services to obtain the sacred benediction of Lord Surya.

Precautions to Keep in Mind While Offering Water to Lord Surya

  • When offering water to the Sun, be careful to take additional care to prevent water from dripping directly onto your feet. By doing this, you contribute to the blame (fault). However, since you had given the water to the Sun rather than the Earth, it does not harm you if it drops on the ground and then lands on your feet.
  • You must take a bath before offering water to the Lord Sun. Always provide water by dressing in spick-and-span.
  • Make sure you don’t offer water while wearing anything made of leather.
  • Do not offer water to Lord Surya while wearing slippers.
  • When providing water, it is also important to take care that it doesn’t spill along drains or in any other area where people’s feet can step on it.
  • You can provide the water to the Sun by pouring it into a pot or another clean receptacle to avoid it from dripping on the feet, flowing down the drain, etc. After that, inject this water into a tree’s root system.

Therefore, offering prayers to the sun grants you the strength of mind, body, and practical fortitude to prevail in any circumstance. At the same time, it cleanses the mind of ego, rage, greed, want, and negative thoughts. Additionally, reserve affordable puja services online through Online Temple to receive the celestial grace of Lord Surya.

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