Discover the Profound Benefits of Worshiping Lord Shiva
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  • August 8, 2023

Discover the Profound Benefits of Worshiping Lord Shiva

Everybody is busy organizing the unique rites and puja that will be held during the auspicious month of Shravan. But it’s not just Shravan month. There are several benefits of worshiping Lord Shiva every day.

Lord Shiva is regarded as the supreme God by many Hindus and is only mentioned three times in the Rig Veda. But with time, he progressed to become one of the most respected gods in Hinduism. While Brahma creates and Vishnu preserves, Shiva’s role is to destroy everything they have created and preserved. However, the destruction itself is constructive and creative since it renews the universe in a brand-new form that is free of flaws.

Everyone knows that Lord Shiva is a deity who is loved by all living beings. However, the majority of people might not be aware of the many benefits of worshipping Lord Shiva. So, read on to discover the profound benefits of worshiping Lord Shiva. Additionally, visit Online Temple to book Lord Shiva puja online.

The Specialty of Lord Shiva

The Specialty of Lord Shiva

Along with Brahma and Vishnu, Shiva is one of the Trimurthi or the three important Hindu male deities. According to legend, Shiva is in charge of the destructive deed. At the moment of destruction, he consumes the entire contents of this universe.

Lord Shiva is very simple; he doesn’t need expensive jewelry or clothing. He dressed in elephant and tiger skins that had been slaughtered. He wears rudraksha beads and is coated in snakes. Shiva has four hands and three eyes. He is holding a fire and a deer in his upper hands, and a Trishul and a damaru in his lower hands. The area between his eyebrows is known as his third eye, which stands for divine knowledge and power.

Lord Shiva is a very straightforward god who cherishes his worshippers and those with pure hearts. Shiva’s worshipers will gain many benefits as he grants his followers both monetary and spiritual blessings. Moreover, you can browse the Online Temple website to do online bookings for Lord Shiva puja and benefit greatly.

How to Worship Lord Shiva

Shiva is worshipped according to the Agamas, the holy books that provide the rules of prayer, in temples. Shiva is revered in the linga form. The size, shape, and color of the Lingas differ from one temple to the next.

You can use a miniature linga or a picture of him to worship at home. Shiva prefers milk, fruits, and honey as offerings. Maintaining a pure mind and body while worshipping Shiva is important since that is what pleases Shiva the most. If taken, the steps in the list below will make your puja even more potent.

  • Devotees are advised to fast the entire Monday in order to gain additional benefits.
  • It’s important to have a clean body, mind, and soul to start the day. So just take a bath and clean yourself up before puja.
  • Chanting mantras like the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra and the Shiv Beej Mantra is encouraged in addition to the puja and homam.
  • It is recommended that you sit in the invocation position, with your hands and palms folded together and your head bowed down while performing the Puja. Additionally, you must use Panchamrut to clean the Shivling or Shiv Idol.
  • It is suggested that the puja be performed on the 13th day of the Pradosham Kaal, which happens in both Shukla and Krishna Paksha.

Moreover, you can also do online bookings for Lord Shiva puja, where the expert pandits and purohits of Online Temple will get the worship done for you.

Benefits of Worshiping Lord Shiva

  • Mental Peace: Shiva is the Hindu god of meditation. He is revered as the Adi Yogi, the founder of all yogis. Shiva worship will help you feel calmer and less anxious.
  • Knowledge: Dakshinamurthy is a well-known manifestation of Shiva. He is the epitome of wisdom and joy. You can be set free from ignorance and come to understand the true meaning of the scriptures by worshipping Dakshinamurthy.
  • Freedom from Fear: Shiva manifested as Kal Bhairav and Veerabhadra to impose justice and allay fears. Worship of Shiva’s Kal Bhairav and Veerabhadra avatars helps remove fear and issues with foes.
  • Marriage and Progeny: Shiva makes a good householder for marriage and having children. He offered Parvathi, his wife, half of his body. Sons of Shiva, Ganesha, and Kartikeya who are wise, gifted, and brave. If you worship Shiva, you will be granted a good life mate and children.
  • Mastery in Arts: Shiva is a superb dancer, and his Nataraja form is the epitome of Bharatanatya, India’s most revered classical dance. Shiva enjoys listening to and singing. Many performers invoke him before starting their lessons in dancing and singing.
  • Liberation: Shiva is the destroyer of ego, the source of all evils, which leads to liberation. He grants moksha (liberation) to the yearning souls. Shiva devotion helps you break the cycle of birth and death and avoids rebirth.

In Conclusion

There are other additional benefits of worshipping Lord Shiva. Worshipping Shiva will improve you as a person. Shiva worship is very beneficial, particularly on Somvaar (Mondays). He has a significant influence on Pradosham, Shivaratri every month and Maha Shivaratri. Therefore, book Lord Shiva Hindu god puja online today and get Lord Shiva’s Puja completed by our Purohit’s step-by-step instructions.

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