Pray Lord Shiva Hindu God with Faith
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  • June 5, 2021

Pray Lord Shiva Hindu God with Faith

Lord Shiva Hindu God – Before you can start worshipping Lord Shiva, you should look at the inside story of his greatness. Shiva is one of the Trinity with Brahma and Vishnu. He is worshipped as the supreme God and one of the most dominant powers over Hinduism. He is considered as Anand that means you can never hear the birth or the death of him.

About Lord Shiva

From the ancient era, you can find signs of worshipping Shiva. Shiva has many forms. In the age of Indus Valley Civilization, Shiva was worshipped as Yogi. People worshiped him as Agni, the fire. Another Form, Rudra, who is the storm God, is also a form of Shiva. Shiva resides in the mountain of Kailas. People worship Shiva in the form of Lingam. Shiva is mainly Worshipped not only in India, but also in Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Ways to worship

Satisfying Lord Shiva is quite easy than you think. You don’t need to please him with gold ornaments. You just have to have faith on him that is what matter the most. You can visit to the Shiva Temple near you, every Monday. You should learn the Maha Mrutunjay Mantra, and chant it as much time possible. Have the tilak on your forehead. Give cow milk to the Shiva Linga, and Lord Shiva will be happy with your effort.

Some Beliefs

There are some beliefs regarding worshipping Lord Shiva Hindu God. People say the lovers must worship him, in order to have a strong love life. The ladies worship him to get dream husbands like him. It also helps you to deal with chronic diseases. If you have desire to carry baby, without facing any problem, you can definitely try to have faith in him. Sada Shiv is worshipped by those, who want to achieve higher goals in life.

Lord Shiva Festival

The main festival you can see regarding this Puja is Shivratri. Normally Hindu women do this ritual. On this day, Lord Shiva married Parvati. Women worship Shiva to get the blessing of having a loving and passionate husband like him. It happens on the month of Phalgun that is on February or March. They fast, until they offer cow milk to the Shiva Linga.