Worship Mata Bagalamukhi the Fiery Protector of Your Soul
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  • June 8, 2021

Worship Mata Bagalamukhi the Fiery Protector of Your Soul

Worship Mata Bagalamukhi – The Goddess Bagalamukhi is associated with the DusMahavidya, and she is the eighth of the Dus Mahavidya. The mother Bagalamukhi is the protector of her devotee, and anyone trying to harm the devotee is severely punished. The legend is once the earth was tormented by rain and every part was flooded and the whole of creation was at stake except the Saurashtra region. Here everyone gathered and suddenly Mother Bagalamukhi emerged from the Haridrasarovar and pleaded by the gods calm down the storm. However, the worship of Dusmahavidya is related to the Tantrik cult of the Hindu religion.

It is believed that this part of Sadhana carries some inherent risk, and any deviation from the norms can do grave harm to the perpetrator. It is, therefore, needs a proper Guru and great concentration and immense mental strength on the part of the worshipper. The practice of Tantra sadhana has flourished in and around the Kamakshaya Temple in Assam and is highly popular in Nepal. The practice of Tantra sadhana and practice of Dusmahavidya is associated with Kundalini yoga. It is believed that the power of the super being resides near the naval part. The Yog is to awaken the kundalini and to push it up to the level of the head. If someone can do it, he gets the power to control and focus this energy do impossible things. In modern terms, it is equivalent to unleashing the vacuum energy.

Beliefs for worship

The mother Bagalamukhi is worshipped to get protection from the black magic, to remain shielded from the possible enemy attack or safe from the ill intention of the enemies; to nullify the curse of the enemy; safe from possible accidents; remain free from disease; litigation and poverty.

How to worship Bagalamukhi
It needs proper Guru to Worship Mata Bagalamukhi. But, there is a simple way, one can chant the Bagalamukhi mantra without any distraction, this simple procedure can help the devotee out of trouble. The trouble is the devotee must do it without any distraction. Another aspect is to wear yellow clothes and worship facing east.

Festivals based on Bagalamukhi

The Shukla Asthami of the month of Vaisakh is the day when mother Bagalamukhi is born and this day is celebrated as the main festive day. And is known as Bagalamukhi Jayanti.

Benefits of Worshipping Bagalamukhi

The benefit of worshipping mother Bagalamukhi is to get her divine protection. She protects her devotees from all sorts of earthly troubles and enemity.

Regions where Bagalamukhi is worshipped

The main temple is the Pitambara Peeth in M.P, the other important temples are in Kamakhya complex, Nalkhed in M.P, in Bankhandi in Iomachal Pradesh, and there is another in Tamilnadu.