Benefits of Worshiping Lord Vishnu God of wisdom
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  • June 9, 2021

Benefits of Worshiping Lord Vishnu God of wisdom

The Lord Vishnu is the most important God in the Hindu religion. He is the one and the central one of the Trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar. As per Hindu religion, he is the keeper, protector of the entire creation. He is omnipotent and omnipresent. He is the all-pervading soul covering the universe. The Hindu religion has taken the guise of numerous legends to elaborate the matter. It is him who has reincarnated at least 22 times of which 10 are most eventful to save the creation. The legend of Narasimha is an example of the omnipresence of Lord Vishnu. In the form of Krishna, the Lord places the importance of Karmayog. In the same religious text, the Lord placed the importance of Bhakti.

The Lord Vishnu is the bank of wisdom. He watches the world. When the Lord Vishnu sleeps on the bed of Anantnag, the demons hold the universe at random. It is he who has to kill the demons and free the universe. There are numerous Vishnu temples in India. Some of these temples are not in the name of the Lord Vishnu but the name of his different reincarnated forms. The bhakti movement that started in the name of the Lord Vishnu is not at all considered religion as its central theme. The movement relates more to spreading love and compassion among all living creatures. This is the true nature of the protector of creation. In the Hindu religion, Vishnu has a complexion of water clouds with a blue tint. In his four hands, he holds Shankha, Chakra, Gada and Padma. Lord Vishnu’s mount is Gadur or Garur an eagle and consort is Mahalakshmi.

How to worship Lord Vishnu

There are different sects of Vaishnavas. All are worshippers of the Lord Vishnu but prefers to differ in the ways. The speciality of the Hindu religion is that there two ways of worship. One is an elaborate arrangement with a sacrifice before the God, and one is a silent prayer with deep devotion. Therefore, pray to the Lord with full devotion and chant his name to cleanse your inner self.

Festivals based on Lord Vishnu

There are numerous festivals to commemorate Lord Vishnu’s glory. A few of them are Chaturmasha, Janmashtami, Gokul-Ashtami, Ramnavami, Akshaytritia, Dattajayanti, Dev Diwali and much more.

Benefits of Worshipping Lord Vishnu

In Hindu, religion worship is a way to cleanse the dirt gathered over the inner self. The best way to worship the Lord Vishnu God is to pray before Lord Vishnu without any desire. The Lord fulfills the wish. Worshipping Lord Vishnu gives the peace and emancipation. It clears and frees the thought.

Regions where the Vishnu is worshipped

The Lord Vishnu is worshipped all over the world. He has thousand and one names and is worshipped in the name of Vishnu, Krishna, Venkateshwara and other names.