Exploring the Unknown Vastu Secrets of Tirupati Balaji
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  • December 25, 2023

Exploring the Unknown Vastu Secrets of Tirupati Balaji

In addition to being a temple, the Tirupati Balaji is a marvel of Vastu Shastra. Beyond its holy significance, the temple has unknown Vastu mysteries that contribute to the unique energy and peace practised inside its sacred limits. The temple dedicates itself to Lord Vishnu and stands as one of the holy havens in Hinduism. It is believed that Lord Vishnu took on the avatar of Sri Venkateswara to release humanity from the miseries of the Kali Yuga. Book online puja services to get the blessings from a distance.

Situated above the seven-peak Seshachalam hills is the temple. It is supposed that these peaks symbolise the heads of Adi Sesha.

A Vastu Masterpiece, Tirupati Balaji

The divine power of insight and the capacity to assess the intensity of energy fields belongs to the ancient rishis. Vastu was a significant factor in the ancient Rishis’ careful land selection. The Tirupati temple complex is situated on an axis perpendicular to the earth’s axis, where the energy fields are at their strongest. The temple follows the standards of The Agam Shastras, essentially the temple’s encyclopaedia of Vastu. These observations and research of the Balaji temple, among the most visited sites on earth, come from the field of Vastu.

Four directions of roads

The fact that the Tirupati temple includes highways on all four sides is one of the main factors contributing to its energy-generating capacity. It is a unique opportunity, and the Tirupati temple is unquestionably the most fortunate. Nothing could be superior to the potent energies emanating from all four directions. Lord Kuber represents the North, Indra the East, Yama the South, and Varuna the West as the rulers of the four cardinal directions.

Together, these four monarchs stand for the four most significant pillars, Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha, which symbolise four distinct elements of life. The tremendous powers of all four directions bless the followers in all four aspects of life. Individuals from all over the world come into the temple to blessed with whatever they desire. And many of them return time and time in search of Lord Balaji’s blessings. Now it is more easy to seek the blessing from Titupati Balaji, you just have to Book Online Pujas Services.

East-facing god positioned in the west

The primary gods within the Garbha griha, also known as the sanctum sanctorum, are positioned with their faces toward the East. According to beliefs, not even the sunrise is possible without the Lord’s approval. This is why the idols of Gods in practically all ancient temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu face East, and this also applies to Tirupati Balaji. Nearly all of the major Hindu temples face the rising sun, with eastward becoming the preferred orientation due to standardisation in temple building. This may be one of the explanations for why the majority of Vastu experts advise against building a residence that faces west and instead advocate for one that faces east. While most people generally prefer an East-oriented property, this is not to mean that West-facing properties are unlucky.

Entry on the East

The Tirupati Temple’s east-facing entryway was purposefully designed according to the precepts of Vastu Shastra, not merely following custom. According to this perspective, the major entrance located within the energy area ruled by Lord Indra. The strong Swarga Loka monarch referenced extensively in the Rig Veda. Lord Indra praised for his unrivalled powers in the Rig Veda, with over 289 hymns dedicated to him.

According to the Vastu Purush Mandala, the main entrance is one of the most favourable. The potent entrance places because of its strategic placement within Lord Indra’s energy area. Tirupati becomes a powerful source of holy vibrations because of this exact alignment. It enhances the cosmic energies present within the temple. When devotees go into the temple to ask Lord Venkateshwara for blessings. They frequently go feeling immensely empowered and self-assured and thinking that their prayers will be granted. Standing as a symbol of the temple, the eastward entrance of Tirupati. It is also a means of accessing the strong cosmic forces that characterise its sense of sacredness.

Primary idol positioned within Varuna’s energy field

Idols are placed purposefully in Varuna’s energy field, for temple design. The Tirumala temple purposefully tilts away from the true North (5.12 degrees) to coincide with Varuna’s energies. Varuna is the most elevated, regarded as the master of the universe, among the gods mentioned in the Vedas.

The goddess and human consciousness instantly connect by intentionally placing herself within Varuna’s energy field. Seeking blessings from Varuna, the granter of wishes and immortality, devotees are pulled to this sacred resonance. The primary idol’s unique location guarantees a constant array of divine influences on the human psyche.

Concluding Thoughts

Located on the hills of Tirumala, the Tirupati Balaji Temple combines devotion, history, and culture, inviting you to experience its spiritual essence. You can feel its spiritual aura and participate in the holy pilgrimage from any location through Online booking for special pujas. Accept the spiritual resonance and join millions of people on this online adventure. Visit OnlineTemple to Learn More!

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