Devi Laxmi – The Goddess of Wealth and Fortune
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  • April 26, 2021

Devi Laxmi – The Goddess of Wealth and Fortune

Goddess Devi Laxmi – She was worshipped by Millions of devotees across the world on Friday for wealth, good luck, and happiness. As per Hindu mythology, Goddess Devi Laxmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu. Legend has it that the divine Goddess emerged from the cosmic ocean when the Devas and Asuras churned it for obtaining Amrit. After emerging from the ocean, Goddess Laxmi chose Lord Vishnu as her husband in a swayamwara ceremony.

Worshiping of Goddess Laxmi has been part of the Indian tradition from the earliest of times. As she represents fertility and is a symbol of material contentment and fulfillment, she is considered to be an important domestic deity in both households and business enterprises alike. The deity is believed to love silent surroundings and all things beautiful and clean. There are Laxmi vrats (fast rituals) and mantras that many perform to please the goddess.

Hindus across all households and commercial institutions worship the goddess to be blessed with good fortunes. It is believed that the goddess is restless, whimsical but compassionate and can bless anyone who treats her well and with true faith.

Important Temples Dedicated to Goddess Laxmi

There are a number of temples dedicated to Laxmi Devi in India. Some of the most famous Laxmi Devi temples are Mahalaxmi Temple, Kolhapur; Mahalaxmi Temple, Mumbai; Laxmi Devi Temple, Doddagaddavalli, Karnataka; Sripuram golden temple, Tamil Nadu; Laxmi Temple, Khajuraho; Sri Ashtalaxmi temple, Chennai; Goravanahalli Laxmi Temple, Karnataka, Mahalaxmi Temple, Gubbi, Karnataka; Sri Kanchi Kamakshi Amman Temple, Tamil Nadu and Laxmi Kubera Temple, Tamil Nadu.

Different Names of Goddess Laxmi

Goddess Laxmi is addressed by a number of names. The most popular ones are Nandini, Mahakanya, Janaranjani, Nityagata, Anantanitya, Swaprakasha swaroopini, Nitya Prakashini, Bhaktanugrahakarini, Mahamaya, Maheshwari, Mahadevi, Shakti, Tripura, Swaprakashatma-roopini, Hamsaa, Vagishwari, Trilochana, Vagdevi, Karali, Vagishwari, Kamakshi, Kamada, Chandika, Tilotamma, Shubha, Chamunda, Chandarupesha, Karalavaktranta and Maharatri.