Friday Puja to Goddess Maa Lakshmi
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  • May 27, 2021

Friday Puja to Goddess Maa Lakshmi

Goddess Maa Lakshmi puja will eradicate darkness and bring light in there life and Gives her devotees with wealth, knowledge and wisdom. Most of the hindus perform mahalaxmi puja on every friday. All the rituals are performed including offerings and signing chants in the Aarti of MahaLakshmi.

The Imoprtance of mahalaxmi puja is held in the occasion of Diwali every year.on this Day Goddess Maha Lakshi is worshiped with lord Ganesh and kubera. It is considered to be one of the biggest and joyful festivals in India. Gaja Lakshmi Puja is another important puja which is held on the eve of SharadPurnima. Mahalaxmi puja will help you and your home with your sacred presence. Honor you with your protection and your prosperous ways.

Every Friday you have to get up before sun rise in the morning and bow and wear white clothes and bow to Mata Lakshmi. While doing this you should stand in front of the picture of Mata Lakshmi and recite Shri Sukta. It is very easy to please Maha Lakshmi.

Appropriate way to worship Goddess Lakshmi:

• To please Sri Maha Lakshmi, it is inevitable to keep the house clean and peaceful, respect elders and women, be loving to youngsters, be honest in one’s work and to worship Her along with Sriman Narayana with a sincere heart for both the material and spiritual growth.
• Offer a lamp, fresh flowers, incense, sandalwood, kumkum and fruits (if available) to the deity form or picture of goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu.
• Vibhishana worshipped goddess Lakshmi (Sita) along with Lord Vishnu (Rama), whereas, Ravana wanted only Lakshmi bereft of Her consort and the rest is history

Mahalaxmi Mantra:

Shree Shree Shree Shree Shree Shree Shree Shree Mahalakshmi Mama Ghar Dhanam Puri Chintaiye Darya Darya Swaha

Goddess Maa Lakshmi Homam is performed for the purpose of gaining legitimate wealth.Those who are involved in business or are facing financial problems may perform this Homam to receive the blessings and grace of Goddess Lakshmi.

you must perform this homam when you are facing financial difficulties and wish to earn wealth in abundance.
For improvement in Financials and also for recovery of dues, which are said to bestow different benefits to the performer of this homa. Even the mere recitation of these mantras, bestow prosperity

Benefits of performing the Mahalakshmi Homam

1.Alleviates financial problems

2.Increases abundance

3.Gets rid of loans

4.Increases favorable results in contracts/business

5.Enhances accumulation of gold