Kubera – God of Prosperity and The King of Yaksha
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  • February 19, 2024

Kubera – God of Prosperity and The King of Yaksha

According to Hindu mythology, Kubera is a celestial representation of abundance, success, and fortune. Hindus worship him as the Lord of Wealth and adore him as the Guardian of the North. Kubera’s essence pervades Hindu culture and spirituality, his character steeped in ancient tales that not only signify material opulence but also represent spiritual enlightenment and moral obligation. Moreover, if you are looking for an Online booking for Lakshmi Kuber Puja, then scroll through Onlinetemple.com, we have a plethora of puja services in a single place.

Kubera Iconography

The term ‘Kubera’ in Sanskrit signifies ill-shaped or distorted. So, according to the meaning of the name, Lord Kubera appears as having a plump and diminutive body. He appears with a complexion similar to that of lotus leaves, and his body has several abnormalities. He has three legs and eight teeth, and his left eye is yellow. Lord Kubera, the richest deity, carries a jar or sack full of gold coins and wears heavy jewellery.

He enjoys riding Pushpak (the winged chariot entrusted to him by Lord Brahma). Apart from that, many writings show Lord Kubera holding a mace, pomegranate, or money bag in his hand. Though certain scriptures also connect him to the elephant, he is most commonly connected with mongooses. Learn more about other Hindu deities at Onlinetemple and Book Online Pujas Services to seek blessings from them.

The King of Yakshas

Besides his duty as the Lord of Wealth, Kubera is the royal ruler of the Yakshas, a group of semi-divine beings linked with nature spirits and guardianship. Kubera, their king, embodies qualities of protection and generosity, protecting both the natural environment and the valuables it contains. His connection to the Yakshas demonstrates his diverse nature and harmonious relationship with the natural elements.

Origin and Lineage

Kubera is descended from the great sage Vishrava and the celestial being Ilavida, highlighting his divine origins. Kubera’s inheritance endows him with knowledge and intelligence worthy of his noble position. Scholars and sages raised him in their household. Moreover, his affiliation with Pulastya, a highly esteemed saptarishi, fortifies his standing in the celestial order and emphasises his dedication to morality and integrity.

Mythological Significance

Hindu epics and scriptures are replete with references to Kubera, who is essential to the way stories are told and the lessons they contain. In the Ramayana, Kubera’s wealth becomes a central theme that drives the narrative and eventually leads to a resolution.

In the Mahabharata, references to Kubera highlight the enormity of his wealth & his place as a symbol of opulence and prosperity.

Interactions with Deities

The following miracles that Kubera encountered shed light on his significance and nature:

His meeting with Lord Shiva reminds him of the fleeting nature of physical wealth and acts as a lesson in humility and separation. Connections with deities such as Ganesha and Lakshmi highlight the connection between money, intellect, and spiritual development and highlight the position of Kubera in the Hindu pantheon.

Worship and Devotion

Devotees seeking blessings related to wealth and prosperity often turn to Kubera in worship. Rituals, prayers, and offerings form integral aspects of his veneration:

The use of Kubera Yantras and the chanting of Kubera Mantras serve as conduits for invoking his divine presence and attracting financial abundance. Acts of charity and kindness are encouraged as expressions of responsible wealth management and generosity, aligning with Kubera’s ethos of ethical conduct.

Integration into Festivals

Although Kubera may not have dedicated festivals in his honour, devotees seamlessly integrate his worship into celebrations such as Diwali and Akshaya Tritiya, seeking his blessings for prosperity and success.


Essentially, Kubera personifies both material prosperity and spiritual enrichment, acting as a guiding light for ethical conduct in Hindu mythology. His enduring lessons speak to worshippers pursuing abundance, highlighting that genuine wealth encompasses not only possessions but also virtues like generosity, integrity, and compassion. As the God of Prosperity and the compassionate King of Yakshas, Kubera remains a source of inspiration and devotion, leading seekers towards comprehensive well-being and prosperity.

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