The Legends of Hanuman Ji or Banjarangbali
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  • April 29, 2021

The Legends of Hanuman Ji or Banjarangbali

Legend Hanuman Ji  – He is the most revered deity in Hindu mythology. Hanuman Ji is the monkey God and is said to be the incarnation of God Shiva. Hanuman Ji is the devotee of Lord Rama, the eldest son of king Dasaratha. Hanuman Ji is also known as “Vayu Putra” and is blessed with various powers. The famous “Hanuman Chalisa” is said to be very powerful and reciting it daily given inner peace and strength. The most auspicious day to worship Lord Hanuman is Tuesday of every week. There are many names of Lord Hanuman as Vayu putra, Anjani Putra, Maruti, Pawan Putra.

Childhood of Lord Hanuman:

It is believed that Hanuman Ji was born on Tuesday on a full moon day of Chaitra month. From their childhood days, Hanuman Ji was very naughty and intelligent. Once He saw Sun as ripe mango and went on to eat it. He then kept Sun in his mouth and seeing this Lord Indra attacked Hanuman with his weapon due to which little Hanuman got injured and lost consciousness. Seeing this his father Vayu Dev got very angry and he took away all air of earth and there was tragedy and death all over. Then all Gods appeared and blessed little Hanuman with all their powers.

Hanuman Ji and Lord Rama:

Lord Hanuman was destined to worship Rama and helps him in the duties of Rama which include the betterment of mankind by killing Ravana. When Sitaji, the wife of Lord Rama was abducted by King Ravana then Hanuman Ji helped him to conquer Sri Lanka and Ravana. Lord Rama always knew that Hanuman Ji is the incarnation of Shiva and his birth on earth has happened for a specific purpose. Hanuman Ji possessed great powers and was extremely powerful. When in the battle Lakshman got hurt, Hanuman Ji was asked to bring Sanjeevani Booti from the Himalayas. Hanuman Ji was unable to find one and therefore he took the entire Himalaya to the battle location in order to cure Lakshman. With the help of Legend Hanuman Ji, Lord Rama was able to win the battle and returned to his kingdom Ayodhya.
In kalyug many temples were built in the name of Hanuman Ji like Salasar Balaji, Mehndipur Balaji, Prachin Hanuman Mandir Cannaught Place, New Delhi.