Peepal Puja Remedies: Proper Way to Offer Water to Peepal Tree
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  • July 5, 2023

Peepal Puja Remedies: Proper Way to Offer Water to Peepal Tree

Happiness and miseries are a part of life. However, occasionally, certain works are not finished or blockage tasks are not finished. Although, in such situations, an astrological treatment might be quite beneficial. We possess a few Peepal remedies that can aid you in overcoming your stagnant tasks and fulfilling all your aspirations. Additionally, you can book online Hindu puja services to fulfill all your desires.

According to Sanatan belief, trees are considered the second manifestation of God. These heavenly trees, also known as green gold, are thought to be the home of several gods. In Hinduism, the peepal tree is revered and regarded as extremely fortunate. In the Gita, Lord Krishna himself declares, “I am the Peepal in the trees.” By the way, it’s thought that Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva all have residences within the root, stem, and uppermost portion of the peepal, respectively. The peepal tree is seen as advantageous in a variety of ways, not just from a religious perspective but also in terms of botany and Ayurveda.

As per the scriptures, if you want all of your wishes to come true, you should begin peepal tree pooja. In addition to eliminating all types of flaws relating to life, worshiping peepal also fulfills all your desires. So, let’s take a look at this article to learn about the proper way to offer water to peepal and its remedies. Furthermore, book the best online puja services to obtain additional benefits.

Proper Way to Offer Water to Peepal Tree


Shukla-Paksha’s Thursday morning, keep a water container full of water. Then, to this water, add some turmeric, a little jaggery or sugar, some gram dal, and some Ganga water.

Now, take the materials listed above and go to a peepal tree that is either an old peepal tree that is revered or one that is located in a temple. Next, slowly pour water while holding the root of the peepal tree. You can mouth the following chant while pouring water in Peepal:  Sri Vishnu – Sri Vishnu – Sri Vishnu. Following this, carry water for seven orbits and continue by mouth, singing the mantra as Shri Vishnu, Shri Vishnu, Shri Vishnu. After you have made seven orbits to the peepal tree, pray to Lord Vishnu to finish the goal of Aradas, and then come home.

You should begin this work in this manner on any Thursday of the Shukla-Paksha and continue it constantly through the fifth Thursday. If you complete this responsibility in 40 days, Lord Vishnu’s blessings will begin to flow through all of your efforts. A few days after beginning this task, you experience fortunate omens. Your entire wish list will come true, and with Lord Vishnu’s blessings, we wish you prosperity in all that you do.

On any Thursday of the Shukla-Paksha, you can start this ritual in this manner, and you should keep working on it nonstop until the fifth Thursday. If you complete this ritual in 40 days, Lord Vishnu’s blessings will begin to flow through every effort you make. You can also book online puja services to get Lord Vishnu’s blessings.

Avoid Offering Water to Peepal Tree on this Day


As per the scriptures, Lakshmi resides in the peepal tree on Saturdays. Thus it is thought to be really lucky to offer water to the peepal tree on Saturdays. On Thursday and Saturday, giving water to the Peepal tree is also regarded as quite fortunate; however, it is forbidden on Sunday. Offering water to Peepal on this day is thought to result in financial loss. Additionally, also never seems to be enough. Similarly to this, it is very unfortunate to cut down a peepal tree. As a result, the growth of children is hindered.

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Remedies Associated with the Worship of Peepal

  • When Hanuman sadhana is performed under the holy peepal, it is said that Hanuman Ji, the son of Pawan, is happy and bestows pleasure and prosperity upon his seeker.
  • By establishing a Shivling beneath a peepal tree and offering daily adoration to it, one can discover permanent virtue and receive happiness and success.
  • If Saturn is delivering adverse results in their horoscope or if Shani’s dhaiya, or half-century, is causing them trouble, they should circle the peepal tree seven times each Saturday while offering water. In the evening, a light made of mustard oil should also be lit.
  • According to legend, peepal trees encourage long life. In particular, peepal trees are valued for their ability to remove Shani’s dosha. On Saturday, it is believed that lighting a lamp with mustard oil under Peepal will placate Shani Dev.

In a Nutshell

Offering water to the Peepal tree and performing peepal puja are revered traditions in many cultures. This religious ceremony is significant and is said to provide benefits, luck, and spiritual development. It is crucial to approach the puja with respect, attention, and sincerity. While comprehending the cultural significance and symbolism it represents. With Online Temple’s amazing offline puja services, you can immerse yourself in the spiritual realm of India. As you embark on a soul-stirring journey, you will discover convenience and fulfillment. Book a flight with tripbeam and immerse yourself in the enthralling world of spirituality.

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