Top Astrological Remedies to be Blessed With a Child
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  • July 1, 2023

Top Astrological Remedies to be Blessed With a Child

Constantly trying but yet having trouble getting pregnant? Well, you’ve come to the correct place because Online Temple provides the best astrologically childbirth remedies and online puja for safe childbirth. However, before trying any of these remedies on your own, be sure to see an astrologer because some of them might not always work depending on the planetary positions in your Kundli. In this case, an astrologer could modify the treatment for you in order to help you get the best outcomes.

Giving birth to a child is one of a couple’s most treasured memories. Having a child completely changes a couple’s life, and it is one of the most wonderful joys to live by. However, unfortunately, some couples have problems conceiving, making it difficult for them to feel this joy for themselves. Here astrology can save the day. The truth is that astrology can provide you with some childbirth remedies that will help foster a positive environment for both the expectant mother and the unborn child.

Having said that, this article will go into more detail about some of the best astrological remedies for conceiving and assisting you with any stress or pregnancy concerns. Additionally, you can book safe childbirth puja online with Online Temple to enjoy a  peaceful pregnancy.

Astrological Houses that Indicate Childbirth – Childlessness


  • The three main related houses in a birth chart are the second, fifth, and eleventh houses. The second residence is the family’s home. This home is seen as adding a family member when a child is born. The principal house of children is the fifth, and the house of wishes, desires, and their realization is the eleventh.
  • In Vedic astrology, the 12th house to any house is seen as the loss of that house’s significance. For instance, the 4th house is 12th to the 5th house, therefore putting the 5th lord there can cause child loss or childlessness. Similar to the ascendant (12th to the 2nd house), the 10th house (12th to the 11th house of fulfillment) is also important to take into account.
  • Additionally, we examine the divisional charts such as the Navmansha (D/9) and Saptmansha (D/7) as well as the Moon chart. Also, you can book online puja for safe childbirth to ensure a stress-free pregnancy.

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Best Astro Remedies for Childbirth


If a woman is having trouble giving birth to a child, she can easily follow the straightforward instructions in this article for safe childbirth. However, it is essential to behave with the utmost courtesy and consideration. The measures are as follows:

  • On Thursday, observe a fast and stick to fruit-only meals. Eat without salt and worship Lord Vishnu. Rock salt can be used, though. As a result, Jupiter is happy, which strengthens the planet’s position.
  • The simplest approach to giving birth naturally is to worship Lord Jupiter. So, it is suggested to pray to Lord Jupiter to impress and increase his effects.
  • If there is some physical weakness that prevents women from advancing, they should feed the red cows and bulls.
  • In the Shukla Paksha of any month, wash a banyan leaf and create a Kumkum Swastika symbol on it. Before dusk, present it to God in a temple with rice and betel nuts on top. In prayer, express your circumstance to God. Your problem will definitely be solved.
  • If you conduct the Navgrahas puja, you will receive blessings from all the planets and celestial bodies. Your life will be happy, and any issues related to delivery will no longer exist. So, book online puja for Navgrah Shanti with Online Temple today.
  • Women deprived of the joy of having children should wear Garbh Gauri Rudraksha. This Rudraksha has two sections, with the first being larger than the second. This Rudraksha’s first part represents Mother Parvati, and its second part represents her son, Lord Ganesha. You will soon receive a child as a blessing if you wear this Rudraksha. Also, children’s issues can be resolved by placing this Rudraksha in the place of worship and reciting ‘ॐ नमः शिवाय’ ”oṃ namaḥ śivāya’ 108 times.
  • Women who have trouble getting pregnant should take steps to strengthen Venus in their horoscope. Fridays should be brief in order to appease Venus. Lord Venus also likes it when people wear white or pink on this particular day. Practice Kanya Puja. As a result, Venus will go up in the astrological chart.
  • Sometimes, during the Shradh of the Ancestors, people do not perform certain rites correctly. As a result, they produce Pitra Dosh, which makes conception difficult. To please one’s ancestors in this situation, one should do the Shradh rites or book Online puja for Pitra Dosh.

In a Nutshell

Astrology offers several remedies that can be beneficial during childbirth. These astrological remedies aim to alleviate any negative influences and enhance the positive energy surrounding the mother and child. Ultimately, remember that astrology should complement medical care, and consult with healthcare professionals for the well-being of both the mother and the child is important. Additionally, you can also book an online Puja for Safe Child Birth with Online Temple to enjoy a worry-free pregnancy. Also, if you live outside India then you should also visit temples once where you also be a part of these pooja live. Therefore, don’t hesitate and immediately make a booking for cheap flights to india from canada on

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