Surya Arghya: The Sacred Act of Offering Water to the Sun
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  • June 30, 2023

Surya Arghya: The Sacred Act of Offering Water to the Sun

In Hindu mythology, the Lord Surya is regarded as the universe’s soul. The Lord Surya bestows wisdom, divinity, and ability. The most potent planet on the heavenly body is the one ruled by the Lord Surya. One becomes a monarch or kingly person when the Sun God bestows on them power, position, authority, glory, name, repute, and force. Your natal chart will designate you as an administrator if the planet Sun is placed in a favorable house for which you can also book online puja services.

The worship of Surya, or the Sun, is a fundamental aspect of Indian culture. Hinduism holds that the Sun is the source of all the world’s materials. The Sun represents universal consciousness as well. Giving water to the Sun or the Surya Deva is a way to purify oneself internally. In various contexts, especially at the Sandhya Vandhanam, a key Hindu ceremony, devotees worship the Sun. Additionally, you can book Hindu online puja services with Online Temple.

Arghya to the Sun can provide us the mental uplift and vigor to get through the day. There are several advantages of solar energy for humans. So we can gather those energies by engaging in Arghya to the Sun practice. The Gayathri mantra chanting and the performance of Arghya might help us grow spiritually and physically.

History and Significance of Offering Water to the Sun


Since the beginning of time, Lord Surya, also known as Surya Devta, has been worshiped as one of Hinduism’s most powerful deities. He is the highest source of light and gives out a divine radiance.

Hindu mythology holds that the seven horses that draw Lord Sun’s chariot represent the seven chakras of the human body and the associated rainbow colors. Lord Sun is typically depicted holding a lotus, which symbolizes life, as well as Sankha (a conch), Chakara (a disc), and Gada (a mace). He is highly valued in Hinduism for his ability to protect life on Earth and his healing powers.

Thus, in order to express our gratitude to the Sun Lord for providing us with light and life, we pray to him and present him with water. Additionally, in order to please Lord Shiva you can also book the best online puja services with Online Temple.

Why Should You Offer Water to the Sun in the Morning


You may have witnessed your parents or grandparents giving the sun water in the early morning hours. Offering ‘Jal’ or water to the Sun God is a long-standing custom that expresses respect and gratitude. This practice has Hindu mythology-based origins, and over time, its spiritual advantages have also come to light.

Worshiping the sun has also unquestionable advantages while dealing with health issues or any other concerns in life. The best course of action for curing illnesses in the body is to worship the Sun God. You can learn to lead yourself if you routinely give water to the sun deity. Health, fitness, positive thinking, mental acuity, and enthusiasm all rise. Sun God is seen as an influence in health, state, medicine, and father-child relationships. Serving your father and treating him with respect makes the sun god happy by default.

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You can solve all of your issues and make your life happier by making offerings to the Sun God. Let’s take a look at which devotees ought to honor the Sun God:

  • Someone has a weak Sun God in their horoscope.
  • Those who lack confidence should offer water to the sun.
  • It is necessary for the pessimist to worship the Sun God.
  • If people want to be respected in their families and in society, they should worship the sun.
  • Even the best government positions and brightest pupils must worship the Sun God.

What is the Right Way to Offer Jal to the Sun

The following is the correct way to offer water to Surya Devta:

  • First, take a bath and get dressed. Put on fresh clothes and begin your preparations. This action ensures that you are pure and surrounded by positive energy.
  • Now fill a copper container with water. For this, you can use a tiny copper ghada or copper glass.
  • Standing by facing the sun, carefully pour the water down from above.
  • The best time to expose water to the sun is in the early morning while it is rising. Water can be offered up until an hour after sunrise.
  • While pouring the water, recite “Om Ghrinim Surya Adityamu” seven or eleven times.
  • Once all the water has been surrendered to the sun, take a drop and dab it on your forehead with the copper vessel’s water.
  • Following the ceremony, you can also use a Chandan tika.
  • Be careful not to step into the water.
  • Finally, express gratitude to the Lord or praise him for the coming day.

Avoid these Mistakes While Performing Surya Arghya

  • Never give the sun water without first taking a bath.
  • You should face the sun when offering water.
  • Do not disrespect your father in any way.
  • If you’ve ever seen the Sun God through a cloud, your face should be towards the east.
  • Never hold the water pot below the sun’s head when giving it water. You can avoid having the sun’s rays miss you by holding the water container over your head.
  • Avoid using materials like silver, mirrors, steel, and plastic in the sun or during the day. Use an iron or copper pot during the daytime only.

If for whatever reason you are unable to take the time to provide the sun god with water each day, you must at least do it on Sunday. The day of the Sun God is thought to be Sunday. On this day, worshiping the sun god is highly beneficial. You can also have our knowledgeable purohit perform Lord Sun (Surya) Puja for you on the lucky mahurat, Visit Online Temple and book the best online puja services right away. Or you can also book a direct flight to India on flyopedia and visit the temples for the pooja.

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