Chhath Puja




  • Fulfills all honest wishes and dreams.
  • Strengthens familial bonds and relationships.
  • Enhances financial condition and increases wealth.
  • Decreases all health problems of devotee and their family.
  • Fosters devotion and shields children from evil.

The Chhath Puja is dedicated to the God Surya and Goddess Chhathi, who is the mother goddess to provide support and strength to the poor. God Surya is worshipped to thank him for bestowing bounties of life on Earth, and to request the wish fulfillment in certain cases.

Chhath Puja is also called Chhaith, Chhath Parv, Chhath Puja, Dala Chhath, Dala Puja, and Surya Shashthi. This festival is celebrated in both offline and online puja, by the Bihar and Jharkhand citizens- whether in and out of the state, for 4 rigorous days as it is one of the prominent festivals for them.

During the festival, the 1st day is where the devotee doing the puja starts their fasting without food or water, which lasts until the end of the puja on the 4th day. This day is called Nahai Khai where the houses are cleaned and the puja is started after taking a bath. For online devotees, they use online temple services when they’re at home while the proceedings take place via Zoom call.

The 2nd day is for eating fresh Sattvik food, which usually includes bottle gourd curry and rice for the families of devotees. The devotees eat Gur Ki Kheer, fruits and Roti/ Chapati full of ghee in the evening, after the puja is done. On the 3rd and 4th day, the God Surya is given Arghya (water offering) in the evening and at the break of dawn respectively.

Some devotees also do a prostration walk as they go to the water body barefoot. Devotees, no matter rich or poor, prepare the same Prasad (food offering) till the 2nd day and go to the nearby water body (pond/ lake/ river) with their families on the 3rd day.

Here, the devotees doing the puja take a holy bath in the river waters, and as they stand in it for long periods of time, they offer Prasad and Arghya to the God Surya, the god of sun as it is setting and rising in the sky. Arghya is also sometimes mixed with milk.

Not only the devotees, their families and even other surrounding known and unknown families join in giving Arghya to the deities Surya and Chhathi, even in online puja rituals. After it, the children usually rush to play in the river, lighting up firecrackers and floating lamps at the river banks and the devotees break their fast.

This festival is celebrated equally joyously by the devotees without any distinction in caste, color or financial status as they visit the nearest water body. Hence, those interested can book online Chhath Puja hassle-free with Online Temple at a low cost.

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