Diwali Puja




  • Brings assets, both material and spiritual power.
  • Provides pleasure, love, and sustenance
  • Removes all obstacles from an individual’s life
  • Avoids financial problems
  • Aids in professional success and protects against financial difficulties
  • Reduces the malevolent effects of planets and negative influences

Diwali is a light festival celebrated in honor of Lord Sri Ram Chandra, the 7th Avatar of Lord Maha Vishnu. The festival of lights brings home prosperity and wealth. Special Lakshmi Kuber puja online service for helping people in gaining prosperity and blessings of God through various rituals and havan are done.

Diwali is a festival of classical pujas as well as calibrations. In order to prepare for this auspicious day, apartments are cleaned and whitewashed, and new clothes, ornaments, and utensils are purchased. Traditionally, Diwali Puja is done at home after sunset. Diwali Pooja is one of the most important ritual practices during the Deepavali festival. Lakshmi is considered the goddess of wealth and is firstly worshiped alongside Kuber. Platforms like Onlinetemple provide puja for wealth & prosperity online booking to help people gain benefits from the most auspicious festival for the Hindus.

Later, Ganesha shares the Diwali altar with Lakshmi. Shri Ganesha is the mythical remover of obstacles and the god of new beginnings. Lakshmi Devi is the epitome of power and intelligence. She holds “Abhay Mudra” and “Gyana Mudra” in her right hand, and her four hands represent Dharma, Moksha, Kaama, and Artha.

When Lakshmi and Ganesha are placed side by side, they hold out the promise of fulfillment of desires, freedom from desires, and removal of obstacles. During puja, many people keep a silver coin of Lakshmi and Ganesh. Incense sticks and dhoop are lit, and sweets, coconut, fruits, and tambulam are prepared as offerings.

Those who are familiar with the ritual puja conduct it in the traditional manner. A priest is summoned by several people to perform the puja. Others recite Ganesha and Lakshmi stotras. On this day, performing the Ganesha and Lakshmi mantra japa is very auspicious. People light diyas (lamps) in their homes after Diwali Puja to introduce light and clear the darkness from the world. Services are available to book Ganesh puja online and these help people in gaining the benefits of puja from their homes.

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