Holika Dehan Puja




  • Remove negative energy from home.
  • Bring prosperity to career and business
  • Improve financial wealth.
  • To welcome spring, welcome happiness in the family.
  • Bring peace and harmony

Welcoming the spring, Holi, popularly known as the Festival of Colors, is auspicious for everyone. Release all your inhibitions and start fresh with an effective Holika Dehan Puja Online by experienced purohits. Know the essentials from Holika Dahan Shubh Muhurat, Puja Vidhi, and Do’s & Don’ts. Online Temple is one place where you can easily Book Holika Dehand Puja at Home via the online portal. Get all the insights and details required for a successful and result-reaping puja at home.

Benefits of Holi Puja

  • Cleanse all the negative energies in your family and surrounding.
  • By performing this pooja, you welcome prosperity, harmony, and wealth in life.
  • Begin a new start and welcome freshness.

Significance of Holika Dehand Puja

Holika Dahan’s story is quite popular where Prahalad, a devotee of Lord Vishnu (Hiranyakashipu’s son)  is safeguarded by his devotion. Hiranyakashipu was against it and tried killing his son many times but failed every time. On a burning pyre, Prahlad and his demoness aunt, Holika were placed. Holika had a boon. She could not be burned by fire. She was burned alive whereas the prince was left untouched.

The bonfire is a sign of victory of good over evil and is celebrated each year on the day of Phalgun Purnima.

Things To Remember When Performing Holika Dehand Puja

  1. Holika Dehan should be done at the stated mahurat according to Drik Panchang. Doing the puja before or after that can bring suffering and misfortunes.
  2. Do Holi puja first and then Holika Dehand.
  3. Nutritious items should be put in along with cow dung. These include sesame seeds, wheat, sugar, and peanuts. Dry coconut etc. These help clear the negative energies. Contact Onlinetemple for a list of items for Holi puja.
  4. Never lend money on this day. It is said that when you give money to someone, you are bound to face financial problems.
  5. The puja places should be thoroughly cleaned and washed using cow dung and holy water or Ganga Jal.
  6. The ashes from the bonfire are considered pious. It is known to purify the soul and body. According to Drik Panchang, you can collect and smear the ashes on your body.

Note: The list of puja items should be as per  Drik Panchang. They should be intact and not broken especially Roli, lentils, rice, and cow dung.

The leftover ash can be used as manure for land or in your gardens.

Tips for People Observing Fast During Chhoti Holi

  • Eat Satvik Food
  • You can have fruits and dairy products
  • To break fast, offer rice and water to the moon.
  • Have your delicious food but do not add garlic or onion.

Why Online Temple for Online Holika Dehan Puja?

Years of experience performing successful Holi puja has helped Online Temple bring the best e-puja services for you. It is our promise to deliver the highest satisfaction.

  1. Get guidance directly from experienced purohits.
  2. Complete support throughout Holi puja.
  3. A promise of authenticity when it comes to Online puja services.
  4. You will be guided step by step, and provided a list of puja items and Kit (if required).
  5. Economic compared to others.

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