Chaitra Navratri Day 2: Brahmacharini Puja




  • To reduce dosha of planet Mars (Mangal) in your kundali.
  • To ensure happiness and harmony in your and your loved ones’ lives.
  • To get peace of mind in your and your loved ones’ lives.
  • To bring trust and love in married life of couples.
  • To weaken bad effects of unwanted planets.

Navratri puja is dedicated to the worship of nine different forms of Goddess Durga for 9 days. The
Chaitra Navratri puja begins in the lunar month of Chaitra, i.e. March- April. The second day of the puja begins with worshipping Goddess Brahmacharini.


The word Brahmacharini means a devoted female student who lives in an ashram with her guru along with other students. The word Brahmacharini in Vedic texts means a female who pursues sacred religious knowledge. It is also the name of the second form of Goddess Durga and worshipped on the second day of Navratri puja. The Goddess Brahmacharini wears white clothes and holds a jap mala (prayer beads) in her right hand and kamandal (water utensil) in her left hand.


While there are different versions of the story, most say the same. Parvati is wholeheartedly in love with Shiva and was set on marrying him. Her parents, King Hemavan and his wife, Queen Mainika, learn of her wishes and try to discourage her. But resolute on her goal, Parvati pursues what her heart desires and did tapasya for around 5000 years.

Meanwhile, the Gods approach God Kamadeva, the Hindu God of desire, erotic love, attraction, and affection. They ask him to generate desire in Shiva for Parvati because an asura (demon) Tarkasur has gained a boon of being killed only by Shiva’s child.

God Kamadeva reaches Shiva and shoots an arrow of desire at him. Shiva, enraged at the situation, opens the third eye on his forehead and burns him to ashes.

Parvati still doesn’t lose hope or loosens her resolve to win over Shiva. She begins living like him- living in the mountains, engaging in the same activities of asceticism, yogin, and tapas. This aspect of Parvati is deemed to be of Goddess Brahmacharini.

Parvati’s ascetic pursuit draws Shiva’s attention and awakens his interest. He disguises himself and meets her to dissuade her from pursuing Shiva, even going as far as telling her about Shiva’s personality problems and weaknesses.

Parvati is insistent on her resolve and finally, Shiva accepts her love and they get married. Her abode is in the Svadhishthana Chakra. Brahmacharini signifies bachelorhood and the color white signifies purity.


Mantra of Brahmacharini:

ॐ देवी ब्रह्मचारिण्यै नम:

Oṃ Devī Brahmacāriṇyai Namaḥ

Prayer of Brahmacharini:

दधाना करपद्माभ्यामक्षमालाकमण्डलू।

देवी प्रसीदतु मयि ब्रह्मचारिण्यनुत्तमा॥

Dadhanakara Padmabhyam akshamala kamandalam।

Devi prasidathu mayi brahmacharinya nuththama॥

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