Chaitra Navratri Day 3: Chandraghanta Puja




  • To reduce dosha of planet Venus (Shukra) in your kundali.
  • To decrease problems related to business, career and job.
  • To achieve health and wealth in your and your loved ones’ lives.
  • To get peace of mind in your and your loved ones’ lives.
  • To achieve blissful married life of devotees doing the puja.

Navratri puja is dedicated to the worship of nine different forms of Goddess Durga for 9 days. The Chaitra Navratri puja begins in the lunar month of Chaitra, i.e. March- April. The third day of the puja begins with worshipping Goddess Chandraghanta.


In Hindu religion, Chandraghanta is the third form of Goddess Durga and her name literally means bell of the moon, representing the half moon adorning her forehead. Additionally, she is known as Chandrakhanda, Chandika or Rannchandi. It also represents her married form.

She is depicted as having ten hands where her hands hold a Trishul (trident), Gada (mace), bow- arrow, khadak (sword), Kamal (lotus flower), Ghanta (bell) and kamandal (water utensil), while one of her hands remains in blessing posture or abhayamudra (for fear dispelling). She rides on a lion/ tiger and has a glowing golden complexion.

She also has a third eye in the middle of her forehead, which is always open. This depicts her absolute awareness and she is always ready to fight a war against the demons and evil forces.

She blesses her devotees with bravery and courage to help them fight inner demons and move towards divine consciousness. People who find themselves troubled by anxiety or fear find relief when they worship the Goddess as she bestows them with her grace, valor and courage.

Chandraghanta’s form is a portrayal of beauty, grace and charm and serves as a reminder that while she’s beautiful, her nature is fearless. When provoked, her enchanting beauty could become malicious in the form of Chandi or Chamunda Devi and send the evil forces to meet their death due to her bell’s ringing sound.

She is ever ready to destroy evil but to her devotees, she is an absolute motherly picture of serenity. Her abode is in Manipura chakra.


Legend goes that during his marriage procession with Parvati, Shiva appeared in his aghora form, wearing a necklace of skulls. Parvati’s mother, upon seeing this, fainted in terror as she failed to comprehend that her daughter will have to live with someone like him.

Chandraghanta persuaded him to reappear in a charming form, and Shiva transforms himself into a pleasantly charismatic prince, donning jewels and precious stones. The appearance brings relief to Parvati’s family and they finally get married.


Mantra of Chandraghanta:

ॐ देवी चंद्रघण्टायै नम:

Oṃ Devī Chandraghantaye Namaḥ

Prayer of Chandraghanta:

पिण्डज प्रवरारूढ़ा चण्डकोपास्त्रकैर्युता।
प्रसीदम तनुते महयं चन्द्रघण्टेति विश्रुता।।

Pindaj Pravarārudha Chandakopastrakairyutā।
Prasādam Tanute Mahyām Chandraghanteti Vishrutā।।

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