Sri Rama Navmi: The festival of Kausalya Rama and Kalyana Rama
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  • May 17, 2021

Sri Rama Navmi: The festival of Kausalya Rama and Kalyana Rama

Sri Rama Navmi : “Rama”, the one name that is an intrinsic part of our lives right from infancy to the final journey! We have been put to sleep as infants with “Rama Laali/Jo Jo Rama”, blessings from elders have been worded as “Sri Rama Raksha” and we bid god-speed to the departed souls with “Ram Nam Satya Hai” (Rama’s name is true.) Lord Rama is celebrated and glorified in every household and holds a special place in everyone’s heart for being an embodiment of all the virtues.

What is Sri Rama Navami and when is it celebrated?

Sri Rama Navami marks the glorious appearance (birthday) of Lord Rama as Kausalya Rama (the son of queen Kausalya) and the wonderful wedding ceremony of Lord Rama as Kalyana Rama (the bridegroom Rama.)

Sri Rama Navami is celebrated on Navami tithi (ninth day) in the Shukla paksha (waxing phase of the moon) of the Chaitra month. It was on this day in the Treta Yuga, that Lord Rama took birth as the first child of king Dasaratha. It is believed that a few years later, it was again on this day that king Janaka gave his beautiful daughter, Sita’s hand in marriage to Lord Rama.

Sri Rama Navmi also concludes the Chaitra Navratri celebrations.

Significance of Sri Rama Navami:

Lord Vishnu incarnates in various forms to protect the pious, correct/punish the miscreants and to establish the principles of righteousness. When the demon king Ravana troubled the pious and saintly people, all the heavenly gods headed by Lord Brahma requested Lord Vishnu to appear on Earth and to re-establish peace and happiness.

Lord Vishnu thus appeared (took birth) as the son of king Dasaratha and queen Kausalya of the Ikshvaku kingdom as a result of their special fire sacrifice to beget children. Lord Rama killed Ravana and several other demons and established peace and harmony in the society. Throughout His stay on Earth, Lord Rama led a dutiful, righteous life and guided everyone on the path of dharma.

Sri Rama Navami is a special day that gives an opportunity to worship, glorify and thank Lord Rama for being such a kind and benevolent God.

Appropriate way to celebrate Sri Rama Navami:

• Wake up early in the morning and take a head-bath.
• Worship Lord Rama along with goddess Sita in their picture or deity form at home.
• Keep a fast till sunset or at least till noon.
• Recite Sri Vishnu Sahasranama
• Listen to Sri Dasavatara Stotra here and learn the stotra here
• Visit a nearby temple of Lord Rama and participate in Sri Sita Rama Kalyanotsav (celebration of the wedding of goddess Sita and Lord Rama.)
• Recite the powerful Sri Rama Raksha Stotra and listen to it here

This year, Sri Rama Navami is celebrated on Sunday, 25 March 2018. OnlineTemple wishes all of you a very happy and blissful Sri Rama Navami! May Kausalya Rama and Sita Rama provide you Sri Rama Raksha and bless you with happiness, peace and prosperity!