Unveiling the Benefits of Worshiping Lord Budh (Mercury) on Wednesday
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  • July 21, 2023

Unveiling the Benefits of Worshiping Lord Budh (Mercury) on Wednesday

Vedic astrology has nine planets, which are dispersed among the twelve zodiac signs, as one might anticipate. Sun and Moon each have one zodiac sign, whereas Rahu and Ketu are two of the nine planets. The remaining five planets—Mars, Jupiter, Mercury (planet or Lord Budh), Venus, and Saturn—each possess two houses. They would therefore produce results based on their positions in the houses or Bhavas they represent in a Kundli or horoscope, as well as their placements in the zodiac sign of their placement.

Mercury is given a distinct significance among the other eight planets. He is noteworthy not just for his intelligence but also for his abilities in negotiation, concept expression, and good communication. As a result of his complexity, the placement of Planet Budh or Mercury is of the highest importance. Therefore, if the planet is not in a favorable position, it is advised to perform a Budha Puja, especially on a Wednesday or you can simply book Hindu online puja services with Online Temple.

Various Methods of Praying to Lord Mercury

If you want to pray and please Lord Mercury, alter the techniques listed below on a specific Wednesday.

  • Fasting: It is thought that fasting on Wednesday will eliminate all adverse impacts on the globe and bring peace and prosperity to the faster.
  • On Wednesdays, you can offer prayers to Lord Buddha and Ganesh at the same time as you offer prayers to Lord Krishna.
  • Reciting the Mercury Beej mantra or the Budh Mantra while you are praying, doing puja, or taking part in Homam is the best approach to appease Lord Budh.
  • It is stated that the best method to impress Lord Buddha is to perform charitable deeds on a Wednesday that include offering gold, green veggies, and green-colored bangles.
  • Legend has it that the best way to please Lord Budh is to give on a Wednesday while wearing green bracelets, green food, and gold jewelry.
  • Additionally, you can also book the best online puja services to get the profound benefits of worshiping Lord Budh.

How Does Budh Mantra Help?

The Budh Mantra is a powerful mantra connected to Mercury. It is considered to be one of the most powerful planet mantras and is one of the nine planets’ most effective sources for receiving Budh Grah’s plentiful benefits. All of the mantras, including the Budh Beej Mantra and the Budh Gayatri Mantra, have a profoundly positive influence on people’s lives and bring harmony to their practices and way of life.

Mercury is a planet that represents intelligence and wisdom, and it also helps people have a strong will and wit. In Vedic astrology, natives who endure loss and imbalance in their lives can recite the Budh Mantras, seek the planet’s blessings, and do so to counteract the adverse consequences of malefic Mercury.

Benefits of Praying to Lord Mercury (Budh)

If an individual encounters any of the problems associated with the planet Budh or Mercury, they would need to pray to Lord Budha or you can also book online puja services with Online Temple. The following are the advantages of praying to Lord Budh.

  • If placed in the residence where it is exalted. Mercury is thought to bestow upon the bearer the qualities of good intelligence, fast memory, wisdom, and education, as well as the capacity to control the native’s speech and speaking aspect.
  • If you frequently lose your memory or experience other issues of this nature, it is likely that your Mercury is not in the proper position. You can decrease the negative effects of erroneous Mercury placement by doing puja and homam.
  • Green and emerald garments are seen as auspicious and advantageous for both money and health.
  • It creates fresh options for employment and business. As a result, both the native speaker and the students develop confidence.
  • Budh Puja also brings back tranquility and blesses with a sense of calmness.
  • Budh’s mantra minimizes the adverse effects caused by modifications in planetary motion.
  • It grants insight, understanding, and wisdom.
  • The Budh mantra promotes relaxation of the body and mind.

How to Chant Budh Mantra Accurately?

In order to optimize the Budh Mantra’s effects in Vedic astrology, people must take the suggested steps.

  • Lord Budh’s birthday is on Wednesday, hence 108 repetitions of this mantra on Wednesdays will have a highly positive impact on the chanter.
  • When chanting, dress in green; this will earn you the Mercury Lord’s favor.
  • Take a bath before starting your chant, and after you’ve thoroughly cleaned yourself, sit for the duration of it.
  • Keep your mind clear of any unfavorable thoughts and refrain from chanting with selfish objectives.
  • Make an effort to properly utter the chant.
  • Before starting the chant, practice meditation to improve your concentration.

To Sum Up

Worshiping Lord Budh (Mercury) on Wednesday is a very fortunate and gratifying practice as it has several advantages. Because Lord Budh oversees the planets of communication, intelligence, and wisdom. Also worshippers believe he endows them with enhanced mental abilities, improved communication skills, and the potential for wise decision-making. You can conveniently receive Lord Budh’s blessings by booking Hindu Online Puja Services with Online Temple.

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