Lord Ganesh: The Magnificent Deity with an Elephant Head
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  • July 19, 2023

Lord Ganesh: The Magnificent Deity with an Elephant Head

Lord Ganesh, also spelled Ganesha, is a well-loved Hindu deity who is frequently erected over them or at temple gates to remove obstructions and grant blessings. He is known as the Lord of Thresholds and Entrances. Also He is revered as the author of the Bible and the Lord of astrology. He is the son of Shiva and Parvati. The usual depiction of Ganesh features a red coloring, a protruding belly, a broken tusk, and four arms holding items like a noose, an elephant goad, a bowl of rice, or his preferred dessert, laddus.

Ganesh is known by several other names, including Jyeshtha-raja, Vighneshvara, Gajanana, Vinayaka, and Ganesh. Throughout history, millions of people have expressed their love and devotion for the endearing little kid with an elephant-like head. While Lord Ganesh’s outward form completely charms us and captures our imaginations, it also has a wealth of spiritual meaning. Here, we discuss several intriguing Lord Ganesh symbolism-related topics. Also, you can visit Online Temple to do online bookings for Ganesh Puja.

What is the Reason Behind Lord Ganesh Having an Elephant’s Head?

Numerous Vedic literature tells the story of Lord Ganesh’s creation, and his elephantine head makes him easily recognized. According to a well-known story, Goddess Parvati created the devoted son Ganesh using turmeric paste. When Parvati asked Ganesh to guard her bathing area from intruders, including his father Shiva who was making a long-awaited return, Ganesh obediently prohibited anyone from entering. In a heated argument between father and son over this, Ganesh lost and had his head cut off.

Shiva and Ganesh had no idea who the other was. Parvati saw what had happened and threatened to destroy the universe. Shiva promised to preserve his son by taking the head of the first animal he came across, which just so happened to be an elephant. As a result, Ganesha appears to have an enormous body and an elephant head.

What is the Symbolic Significance Behind Lord Ganesha’s Elephant Head?

Ganesh’s elephant head symbolizes the harmony between the little and the large, with the man symbolizing the universe’s beginning and the elephant signifying the universe’s purpose. This idea is reflected in the Sanskrit term ‘Gaja,’ which means ‘elephant,’ with ‘ga’ denoting the goal at the end and ‘ja’ denoting the beginning.

With his elephant head serving as a reminder of the reality that the universe is built upon, Ganesh is therefore seen as the personification of human consciousness striving to achieve universal consciousness. This is expressed in the Vedic adage ‘Thou art That,’ or ‘tat tvam asi’ in Sanskrit.

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Lord Ganesha: Astrology Deity and Obstacle Remover

Numerous Hindu writers have compared the cosmos to a cosmic machine, with various Gods serving as the administrators of this vast creation. Each deity influences the fate of each soul that inhabits this cosmos by exemplifying or ruling over a certain aspect of life.

Ganesh stands out among the Hindu pantheon as the obstacle-buster. Due to his fame, many Hindus now worship him before starting any big endeavor, including business ventures, marriages, pregnancies, and other key life events.

Additionally, Ganesh is highly regarded as a mentor on the spiritual path, assisting in the removal of obstacles that stand in the way of the soul’s ascent to transcendence.

Ganesh is also linked to securing doors because he is the god of thresholds and gates to other dimensions. As his blessings are thought to facilitate the journey into new realms and safeguard those who enter, it is usual to find a picture of Ganesh over the doors of homes or public venues in India. Worshippers usually pray to a statue of Ganesh, who is frequently the first deity encountered at Vedic temples, before engaging in worship or other spiritual practices.

In addition to protecting esoteric information and being revered as the remover of barriers, Ganesh is known for his profound understanding of the language of the stars and the destinies of all living things. As a result, he is regarded as the governing deity of astrology, and those who practice the Vedic science turn to him for advice on how planetary forces affect each soul’s karma and fate.

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