Why is it recommended to eat with your Hand?
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  • October 3, 2023

Why is it recommended to eat with your Hand?

Indian culture is one of the ancient, finest, and scientifically proven cultures driven by classical customs, practices, and traditions. One of the several traditions is eating with hands, also known as “Finger Food.” Eating with hands has enormous significance and endeavors deep historical, cultural, and practical roots in various parts of the world. Different cultures encourage different reasons or goals for choosing to eat with their hands.

When we look scientifically, there are numerous benefits associated with this practice. Hindu tradition and culture suggest that you regard every other being and your actions as divine. Therefore, Humans are divine beings, and their body’s to serve the spirituality in everything and everyone. This philosophy became a pioneer in Indian society and Western society. Indian scripture brings the importance of the human body and its capability. In this blog, we will explore why eating with hands is recommended and what are its traditional and contemporary contexts.

Why eat with your hands, according to yoga?

Why eat with your hands, according to yoga

In India, diverse societies deeply root the tradition of eating with hands. Indian ancestors have transferred or inherited this tradition to a new generation. In Indian culture, it is believed that eating food with your right hand signifies respect towards food. Most Hindus inhabit this yogic practice without realizing the significance of its underlying principle and scientific nature.

Let’s dive more into the yogic perspective: When food is absorbed properly, it promotes a healthy, balanced mind. The energy named “paranas” helps to carry out this digestion process. Hindu scriptures recommend that humans should eat with their bare hands because “Pancha Paranas (Five Elements)” flows through their fingers. These “Pancha Paranas (Five Elements)” are agni, vayu, akasha, Prithvi, and jala.

According to Vedic knowledge, the right hand is considered the most valuable organ in the human body. Each finger represents one of the five elements: the thumb stands for space, the forefinger for air, the middle finger for fire, the ring finger for water, and the little finger for earth. These Pancha Paranas are essentials for human existence. You can learn a lot of new scientifically proven Hindu traditions and rituals, including Pranayam, Yoga, and how to do puja. You should explore the Hindu Online Puja Services to gain a new perspective of Hindu tradition and custom.

Why eat with your hands, according to Nature?

In Indian culture, trees and plants are highly valued and significant. They hold great importance in temples, serving as powerful symbols of divinity. The Bhagavad Gita’s 15th chapter even considers the food we consume as Brahmin. Eating with hands can promote social interaction, which fosters a sense of togetherness and community. It’s a simple habit and requires minimal equipment. In addition, it helps to enjoy the food and promotes a better companionship.

Why eat with your hands, according to Ayurveda?

According to Ayurveda, the tip of your finger helps in digesting food. Physically, eating food with your hands makes it taste better than using utensils like a spoon or fork. If you take a look, you will find that no other creature uses a spoon or fork to eat its food. Therefore, it is important to use your hands while eating. Eating with hands involves many senses, including touch and smell. It helps in sensing the texture and temperature of the food. Overall, it promotes mindfulness and awareness.

In short, Eating with your hands is not only a cultural tradition but also a mindful way of consuming food. This yoga practice creates a special connection between you and your food. This technique will have a profound impact on your dining experience. It can make digestion more efficient and help you absorb nutrients better. You can also find Hawan & Yagna Services online, or perform another ritual to bring new perspective and significance to your life. Hence, it promotes mindfulness and awareness and increases your productivity in other areas of your life.s

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