Why you need of pilgrimage and importance of it?
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  • May 6, 2021

Why you need of pilgrimage and importance of it?

A pilgrimage is often a spiritual journey, but some pilgrimages deal with other kinds of devotion. There are many reasons of why people go to Pilgrimage sites. One obvious reason is travel adventure but many go for their devotional interest and wants to witness the miracles that happened in these places many centuries ago. We have utmost need of pilgrimage and many holy places are mentioned in our holy books which confirms the sacredness of these places. It is believed that visiting pilgrimage gives utmost satisfaction and helps in seeking forgiveness of our sins.

Some people go and ask for their wishes to come true. Some people visit after their wishes are fulfilled and so on. Pilgrimages like Vaishno Devi, Shirdi, Tirupati, Kashi Vishwanath has the maximum number of devotees visiting there and the number is increasing year by year which is proof that people are still inclined to spirituality. It is an awareness that God exists and everything is controlled by him.

In earlier times temples were the place of social gathering and people use to gather and conduct various functions which really helped in invoking the inner self. The architecture of the temples says some story around it. In earlier times important messages were given by the temple and everybody used to obey them. People used to gather and share their problems with each other and seek solutions. Visiting to pilgrimages gives contentment to people and feel safe in the home of God.

In Hinduism, we worship our mother nature as forms of God like river Ganga, Sun, Mountains etc. We worship sacred plants such as Tulsi, Banyan tree, Banana tree as a representation of God. Every pilgrimage has a natural significance that attracts the tourist. Though people keep idols of God at homes but real blessings are often found at pilgrimages sites only. I hope this article has cleared about  about doubts of need of pilgrimage.

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