The benefit of worshipping The Eternity Lord Krishna
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  • June 18, 2021

The benefit of worshipping The Eternity Lord Krishna

Worship of Lord Krishna – He is the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu and the central character of the epic Mahabharata. His maternal uncle imprisoned her sister and killed her seven babies as the eighth one will be his destructor; however, the king failed to kill the eighth baby as he was smuggled out of the prison and that baby was Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is portrayed as the greatest diplomat and omnipotent power. He narrated the Gita the revered text of the Hindu religion. The Gita is a depiction of Lord Krishna’s power and it also narrates the Hindi concept of life and death. The cult of Vaishnavism spread through the whole of India and in modern times the bhakti movement has gained strength and made a global impact.

Reason for worshiping Lord Krishna

The Krishna is the reincarnation of Vishnu, who preserves and nurtures creation. He is the model of love and devotion. By worshipping Lord Krishna releases the soul from further reincarnation and it is absolved from further torments. The free soul then gets enshrined in the universal soul.

How to worship Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna is worshipped in two forms. In one form, the deity is a kid and called Balagovinda. In this form, the deity of Lord Krishna is normally a metal idol. The ritual starts with bathing the metal idol in pure and clean water, drying and dressing up the idol. The tulsi leaf with sandalwood paste is offered and fruits and laddoos are offered; incense sticks and Dias or oil lamps are a must. The items for pujas are the same. The devotional songs are a part and parcel of Krishna worship and bhajans are an essential part of the pujas in the evening. In the households where Balgovinda form is worshipped, the lord is worshipped in the morning in the midday, and in the evening festivals of Lord Krishna

The main festival of Lord Krishna is the Janmashtami and is celebrated all over India. The Mathura city was once in the central attraction as Mathura is lord’s births place. However, the Janmashtami festival is celebrated over the whole of India. Chanting hymns from the Gita and bhajans are part of the celebration. Incidentally, the bhakti movement has encouraged music in a great way. The bhajans of Mira is an example and Mira’s bhajan is also among the evening essentials.

Benefits of Worshipping Lord Krishna

Radhakrishna is to have harmony, peace of mind, and happy married life. The Krishna is another form of the Vishnu the second of the trinity and is worship frees the soul from further sufferings and rebirth and mingles with the eternal soul.

Regions where Lord Krishna is worshipped

The lord Krishna has worshipped the whole of India and outside India also. A few famous Krishna Temples are Krishna Jianma Bhoomi Mandir, Mathura; Banke Behari Mandir, Vrindavan; Dwarakadhish Temple Gujarat; GuruVayur Temple, Kerala; Srtnath Temple, Rajasthan; Udupi Sri Krishna Temple, Karnataka and ISKCON temple at Mayapur West Bengal.