Gath Bandhan Puja


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  • Granted a blissful, unending marriage for married and newly married couples.
  • Increased familial harmony and peaceful lives.
  • Protection from serious diseases and ailments.
  • Benefits bachelors who are looking for their ideal life partner.
  • Reduces negative effects of planetary dispositions, like Shani.

Done at Baidyanath Dham at Deoghar in Jharkhand, Gath Bandhan Puja signifies the matrimonial unity between Parvati and Shiva. The temple is dedicated to God Shiva and every year, millions of worshippers come here to seek the immensely powerful blessings of the Lingam of God Shiva. Devotees pour Gangajal to soothe Shiva’s throat, as he drank poison obtained from the Samudra Manthan, post which he was named Neelkanth. Gangajal, milk and Panchamrit Abhishek are specific favorites of God Shiva.

In Hindu mythology, Gath Bandhan has a very special significance at Baidyanath Dham. That is because it is only here that Shiva resides in the heart of Sati (being a Shaktipeeth); this divine matrimony is worth witnessing and devotees performing the puja experience infinite love. The divine Gath Bandhan is symbolized within the temple complex by red ribbons being tied across the top of Baba Baidyanath Temple connecting it to Parvati (Shaktipeeth) Temple.

Legend Behind the Gath Bandhan Puja

Legends say that the Lingam of God Shiva laid here abandoned after Ravan’s death. It was found and worshipped again by a hunter named Baiju. Later, after the incident of Daksha Yagya, Shiva, in his grief, carried the burnt body of Sati in his arms until Vishnu cut off her body in 52 pieces. The pieces fell all over the land and it was said that Sati’s heart fell near Shiva’s Lingam. A shrine was built in her honor, known as Shaktipeeth, making 52 Shaktipeeths all across India. The close location of the shrine to the Baidyanath Temple signified unity between God Shiva and Goddess Shakti.

In the holy month of Shravan, thousands of red threads and ribbons are tied to connect the domes of the Baidyanath Dham Temple and the Goddess Parvati temple. The ceremony is known as the Gath Bandhan, and performed by devotees to gain a happy married life and/ or an ideal life partner. Pandas chant shlokas as the devotees offer red threads, which are tied by the Bhandaris, people who climb to the top of the Baidyanath Temple on the Panchshul.

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