Kaal Bhairav Puja




  • Protection against illnesses and disasters.
  • Eliminates negative energy in the house.
  • Protection against powerful enemies.
  • Fulfillment of honest wishes and desires.
  • Brings good fortune and wealth to the devotee and their loved ones.

Kaal Bhairav, also known as Bhairav and Maha Kaal Bhairav, is a fierce manifestation of Shiva, and is associated commonly with annihilation in Hindu culture. When truly and faithfully worshipped by his devotees, he protects them all from their worst enemies, anger, greed and lust.

He is worshiped throughout India, Nepal and Sri Lanka as well as in Tibetan Buddhism. In India, Tamil Nadu has the highest number of Kaal Bhairav temples in India.

The word Bhairav originates from Bhiru that means fearsome. He is also known as Dandapani, as he holds a rod or Danda to punish the sinners. Furthermore, he is famous as the one who is beyond fear or the one who destroys fear.

Another interpretation of his name is Bha means creation, ira means sustenance and va means destruction. Hence, Bhairav is the one who creates, sustains and dissolves the three stages of life.

Kaal Bhairav has 64 forms, grouped under 8 forms known as Ashtang Bhairav. They are

  • Asithaang Bhairav
  • Ruru Bhairav
  • Chand Bhairav
  • Krodh Bhairav
  • Unmatth Bhairav
  • Kapaal Bhairav
  • Bheeshan Bhairav
  • Samhaar Bhairav

He is depicted in a standing position with 4 hands. He wears no dress and with a ferocious, terrifying dog as his vehicle. His neck is adorned with a garland with red flowers, giving him a terrorizing appearance. In some scriptures, Maha Kaal Bhairav is said to be the Supreme Ruler of Time in this Universe.

When devotees worship Kaal Bhairav, they offer him a ghee bath (Abhishek), red flowers, ghee lamp, unbroken coconut, honey, boiled food, fibrous fruits as these are his favorites. The Kaal Bhairav Puja is usually done on Tuesdays to get best and quick results.

Legend Behind the Kaal Bhairav Puja

As described in the Shiva Maha Puranam, the story is traced back to a conversation between Vishnu and Brahma, where the former asked the latter ‘Who is the Supreme Creator of the universe?’Arrogantly, Brahma’s 5th head answered that since he has 5 heads and can do everything that he does, he is the one who is the Supreme Creator.

While the other 4 heads disagreed, the 5th head was adamant in his opinion. Further, he started to neglect his work in running the Universe smoothly and started interfering in Shiva’s work. As a result, Brahma turned a little egoistic with the power he held.

To resolve the situation, Shiva plucked and threw a small hair from his head, which took the form of Kaal Bhairav. In his wrathful avatar, Kaal Bhairav cut off the 5th head of Brahma. As he cut off Brahma’s head with just his nail, the skull stuck to his hand and became known as Brahma Kapaal.

As Brahma’s ego was destroyed, he finally became enlightened. From then on, Brahma became humble and useful to the world, and became deeply appreciative of Shiva.

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